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There are no different tax artes for people claiming to be retired if that's what you mean. Your tax is on income, whether you work at a job, ot make it through other means.

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Q: Do you pay the same income taxes when you retire?
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How much will you pay in federal taxes?

If I retire and my income is $4500. a month, how much federal income tax will I pay?

What should you look forward to not paying when you retire?

Payroll taxes (the major support for social security and a likely venue for future taxation). You may pay less income tax when you retire due to lower income. Federal retirees and some others usually do not pay state income taxes on their pensions.

Which countries don't pay income taxes?

Monaco doesn't pay income taxes

Do immigrants pay the same amount of taxes as Americans?

Taxes on income earned in the US is the same for all wage earners.

Why do you pay taxes?

Because we are required to pay the federal income taxes on our gross worldwide income.

Will you pay taxes on your pension?

Yes could have to pay some income taxes on your pension income.

Does the estate pay taxes?

Estates pay taxes on income and may have to pay inheritance taxes.

Do you have to pay tax when you buy your first house in nsw when your not going to live in it and you may rent it out?

I don't know if you are talking about income tax or property taxes. The answer is the same for both. In renting the house out you will pay income taxes on your gain from rental income and you will pay property taxes for the ownership of the property.

What is the amount of income individuals have after they save and pay their taxes?

= the amount of income individuals have after they save and pay their taxes? =

Do police officers have to pay taxes?

Yes. They pay income taxes and property taxes and sales taxes.

On loss income money do we pay taxes taxes on it?

Generally, if you have NET income after deductions and losses, you pay tax.

Do big companies have to pay income taxes?

Yes everyone has to pay income taxes no matter what even the president.

What do state income taxes not pay for?

State income taxes don't pay for road repair in other states.

When trading equity loans when do you pay income taxes?

Borrowed money is not income. You may actually get a dedcution for some of the expenses of the new loan, and those for the loan you retire.

Do you pay taxes income taxes on food stamps?


Do members of the Democratic Party have to pay income taxes?

Everybody has to pay taxes.

How do you use the word income in a sentence?

He had to pay his income tax. My dad has to pay income taxes.

Do ca teachers pay state income taxes?

California teacher salaries are subject to the same state income taxes as any other salaries in the state of California.

What do you have to pay income tax for?


Do you pay taxes on disability income?


Do federal judges pay income taxes?

Yes, they pay income taxes, as does every other wage earner in the United States.

What percent of income does Obama pay in income taxes?


Does an individual pay FICA taxes on Social Security income?

No. You only pay FICA taxes on earned income (wages, salary); paying on Social Security benefits would amount to paying the same tax twice.

How can you legally not pay taxes?

The only way to legally not pay taxes is to not have any income at all. If you have income and you try to avoid paying taxes, you could get into a lot of trouble.

Do day traders pay state taxes on their earnings?

If the state has income tax, the day traders will pay state income taxes on their earnings.