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Do you plumb depth of rivers when float fishing?


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March 24, 2014 11:49PM

Not intentionally. When float fishing, you place a float that will suspend the bait at a specific depth below the surface. To "plumb the depth of" implies the use of a lead ("plumbum" is Latin for "lead") weight to take the bait to the bottom of the river.

Although, if specimen fishing there is often a need to plumb the swim so that the bait can be presented at exactly the right depth without the guesswork and fiddling about. There is a special type bell weight around 1/2 oz with a loop on the top and cork on its underside. The float is rigged in the normal way and the hook is threaded through the loop and pressed into the cork. One or two successive casts into the swim will enable, by adjusting the float until it just lies on the surface, an accurate measure of the depth of the swim. Then it's just a case of moving the float down to lift the bait above the bed by the desired amount. Unhook the depth weight, fit float weights, bait the hook, cast in and enjoy the fishing.