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As of 02/10/09 in speaking to a representative at MoneyGram (Phone number 1-800-542-3590) it is the purshasers address that goes on the on the address line on a moneygram moneyorder.

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What is an address line?

An address line carries address information rather than other data via a bus or cable. An address line is also the line where an address would go on an letter or envelope.a line and a adress

What's address line?

Address line is for your current address or P.O box.

What is first line of address?

The first line of an address is composed of the street address. The second line is used for any apartment or suite number.

What am I supposed to write in a format like ''Address Line 1 and 2''?

The first line of your postal address and the second line of your postal address. But if the second line of your postal address is your town or city check that the next field is not "town/city". So for example: Address Line 1: 21, Any Street Address Line 2: <leave blank> Town/City: Mytown or Address Line 1: Apartment 1234 Address Line 2: 21, Any Street Town/City: Mytown

What does Address Line mean?

"address line 1" and "address line 2" simply means your home address, or any address where you want the mail to go to.It's basically asking you where you live.Here's an example:"address line 1": 123 Main St (St = Street)"address line 2" : apartment 4 ("apt 4" for short)

What does street line mean?

address. address.

What does billing address line 1 mean for a paypal payment?

Billing Address Line 1

What is the meaning of an address line?

An address line is the location of the file or folder you want to look at. For example: C:\Users\Elliot\Documents\ would be an address line to my Documents folder.

What does address line 1 means and address line 2?

Sometimes, the length of your actual address may not be able to be contained on just one line. Furthermore, some people prefer to have their apartment number or suite number on the second line of their address, for easier scanning.

What does Address Line 1 mean?

it means a street address or your home address

How do you address multiple women in the address line of a letter?


What is the web address of the Old Line Museum in Delta Pennsylvania?

The web address of the Old Line Museum is:

How you a write an address on a mailing letter?

name first 2nd line address 3rd line city and state an zip code

What should I write in address line 1 and address line 2 in us lottery form?

Address 1) House number and street name Address 2) City or town Address 3) State and/or county Address 4) Zip or postal code Address 5) Country [optional]

How many address lines are multiplexed in 8086?

16 address line are multiplexing

How many address line are necessary to address 128 kb memory?


Where is the address line of a web browser?

in web browsers like google chrome, and sparkbrowser the address line and the search bar are the same box!

What is the web address of the Colonial Williamsburg Job Line in Williamsburg Virginia?

The web address of the Colonial Williamsburg Job Line is:

What is multiplexed in 8085?

The address bus is multiplexed in 8085. The multiplexing is done with the help of ALE signal. ALE stands for ''address latch enable''. When ALE is High (Logic 1) : Upper address lines (line 15-8) and Lower address lines (line 7-0) combinely holds the 16 bits of the address. When ALE is Low (Logic 0) : Upper address lines (line 15-8) holds the upper 8 bit address & Lower address lines (line 7-0) holds the "8 bit DATA"

How many memory location can be address by microprocessor with 14 address line?

You can address 214 or 16384 different locations with 14 address lines.

How do you address letter in care of?

Your first line should be to the person at the address. The second line begins with c/o and then the person's name the letter is in care of.

What does it mean that address line must be between 8 and 30 chars?

The address line must have between 8-30 letters/numbers/symbols.

How many Address line of 8085 microprocessor?

16 bit address lines, so it address up 2^16.

Do you have a chocolate time line?

There is a chocolate time line at this address:

How many address line for a memory chip?

The No.of Address Lines for a Memory Chip depends on the Size of the memory chip.1KB memory chip will have 10 address line(i.e.,2^10=1KB)...

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