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I'm not sure what your trying to ask or the circumstances and especially what you mean by tax relief.

Payments from a past, current or future employer, even if just reimbursing you for moving expenses (or directly paying them for you) are considered taxable income. You will pay tax on it.

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What do you place under Reason for leaving job due to relocation from a divorce on an application?

You do not need to disclose your personal reasons for relocating. Just indicate on the job application that you left a former employer due to relocation.

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It is really up to the parent and the money situation may have an influence on that. I don't nessicarliy agree with this, but a lot of children don't even have an allowance. So if a parent cuts the allowance to nothing, that is okay....and I agree with it. But if the parent gives the child an allowance but wants them to buy their own snacks, well, that is really just the parenting style. If money is tight, the child is going to have to make cuts just like the parent. But no one should force any child to sell recyclables. It would be a suggestion for a money making opportunity, but shouldn't be forced. Keep in mind this is just my opinion. The parent has the overall decision in the end.

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Is there a website that explains what debt relief consolidation is? is an excellent site that can be used for explaining just what debt relief consolidation is all about and exactly how it can best work in your favor.

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What is the difference between tax code 746L AND 747L?

My tax Code just changed from 746l to 738l . Looked into it and my personal tax allowance is 7475 (746l) and no because I have claimed for expense at work my personal allowance is now 7380 (738l) .

Is debtgoal an debt relief agency that you can go to?

DebtGoal is a debt relief agency. I have never known for a debt relief agency to work though, so I would not really recommend using one. Just work hard to pay off your debts!

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