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no, you should not give dogs medication meant for humans.

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Can your puppy take Benadryl?

You should call your vet before giving your puppy anything not normal for their diet. However, my dog got stung by a bee and I gave her benadryl to prevent an allergic reaction. You might be ok if you give baby benadryl and only a little. If the puppy is sick, it needs to be seen by a vet

What cream can you put on your bee sting?

Immediately after being stung, put Sting-Kill on it, or meat tenderizer. Later, apply a Benadryl type of product.

What is the longest time without being stung by a bee?

Some people can go a lifetime without being stung. It is whoever lived the longest life without being stung

What happens if you get stung by a Ichneumon Wasp?

In most cases being stung by the Ichneumon Wasp is harmless if painful. If you do happen to be stung wash the stung part if you can.

What are the odds being stung by a jellyfish?

a painful strike to the stung area and a possibility of paralyzment

What is it like to be stung by a bumblebee?

Being stung by a bee hurts with extreme pain, and can last for a while.

How does a turtle eat a jellyfish without being stung?

They do get stung, but their skin is so thick it doesn't affect them.

If you were stung by a wasp what would you use to neutralise it?

Bees and wasps are everywhere, and sometimes it is hard to avoid being stung by them. If a person is stung, they can neutralize the sting with apple cider vinegar.

What types of symptoms can a casualty display after being stung by a marine animal?

After being stung by a marine animal, symptoms can include vomiting and difficulty breathing, and shock muscular cramping and nausea.

What are the symptoms of bites and stings on pets?

Depending on what has stung/bitten your pet; the most common symptom is swelling of the area. I have a dog that is allergic to bee and wasp stings, she has had her whole muzzle swell up and vomited after being stung. The vet treated her with injectable Benadryl and a steroid; she was fine after a couple hours. Poisonous snakes can also cause swelling, to be safe take your pet to the veterinarian if you're not sure! If that is not an option search online for a proper dosage of Benadryl oral solution (available at most stores), but that will not work for snake bites! (Most cities have an emergency vet)

Do killer whales also eat jellyfish without being stung?


Is there a name for the fear of bees?

I have it. Its Apiphobia meaning fear of bees and being stung by one. Never have been stung by one before not gonna start now.

What if your chihuahua got stung by a bee?

our vet told us to break a benadryl table in small piece and give to him, as he was all covered in hives and within 20 min. it was all cleared up

What can you do if your dog gets stung by a wasp?

Try to Scrape the stinger out with a Credit card or something that won't bend and then let them tough it out, certain breeds of dogs can take children's Benadryl for itching and redness.

How can you heal being stung by a stonefish?

yes you can it requires an antidote that can be administered by the hoispital

What symptoms can a casualty display after being stung by a marine animal?

both a and b

What type of water should you use after being stung by a marine animal?


How do you know if there is a wasp nest in your roof?

You hear buzzing and are being stung repeatedly.

What are the risks for being a beekeeper?

it would be a risk because you could get stung by a bee

What types of symptoms can casualty display after being stung by a marine animal?

Both A and B.

What types of symptoms can a caualty display after being stung by a marine animal?

Both A and B

Is it a blessing when bees swarm your home?

Not unless you want to die from being stung by all of them.

What types of symptoms does a casualty display after being stung by a marine animal?

both a and b

What hardships did captain john smith face?

Starvation and being stung by a sting ray.

When being stung by a wasp's what reaction was swelling around the eyes is known as?

periorbital edema