Do you say 'both of the two'?

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More often "both of them," although your way is not incorrect.
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What do you do when your ex-boyfriend says it won't work between you two because you were both too obsessive and didn't give each other space?

Answer . If he doesn't want a relationship, then it would be unwise to try to drag him back into one. You don't want to be the only person giving and working hard to keep it together. It is just too taxing and you will wear yourself out emotionally. Let this one go. You need a better match.. An ( Full Answer )

Are two people soulmates when they catch each other staring into one's eyes twice but the female smiles and he doesn't and they both say nothing?

Answer . No. it takes more that glancing into each other eyes to become soul mates. What you are describing is commonly called "bedroom eyes" Most of the time this is a good thing but "it can be used for evil.". Bedroom eyes are an acknowledge of interest and one or both parties must say or do s ( Full Answer )

What do you do if two guys like you and you like them both?

Answer . talk to both of them but keep it on the low so they wont find out about eachother. Answer . talk to both of them but keep it on the low so they wont find out about eachother. Answer . Depends on your age. If you are in your teens or early 20s and not interested in a serious re ( Full Answer )

1923 penny that says one cent in capital letters on the back with what appears to be two feathers on both sides of the coin the Lincoln memorial is not present is it worth anything?

Not feathers, wheat stalks. And the Lincoln Memorial isn't missing, either. The ONE CENT design was used from 1909 to 1958. The Memorial was added in 1959 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's birth. If there's a small "S" under the date it's worth between $1.65 and $6.50 in circulat ( Full Answer )

You have two boyfriends but want to stay with both of them what do you do?

Cheating is something that no matter what the circumstances you do not do. You pick one or if you can't then you dump both. Either way going with two of them is just wrong. What happens when they find out and then you'll have neither of them, not only that no one will trust you and you'll be alone u ( Full Answer )

Two guys are friends they both want you?

That's nice. :D basically, you need to all go get a cup of tea together, and talk things through, they shuold understand each others Point of view and should let you decide for yourself, and if there are going to be hard feelings then reject them both, friendship meeans more than (L)Love.

How do you say where have both of you been in spanish?

¿Dónde han estado ustedes? ¿Dónde habéis estado vosotros, as? Even, you can use the "pretérito imperfecto" (imperfect past): ¿Ustedes dónde estaban? ¿Vosotros, as dónde estabais?

What do both solaceon ruins say?

top right, lower left, top right, top left, top left, lower left, he he Unkowns Are funny letters :D the one on the very last floor says: all lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive

How do I say hello and how are you both In Hebrew?

"Hello" is typically " sha-LOME ".. How are you is often " MAH shlome-CHAH ", meaning literally "what's your peace ?". Note : Wherever there's a "you" in a phrase, you have to be aware of gender in your grammar. If you're greeting a female, you'd ask " MAH shlo-MECH ".

What is the difference between two and both?

If you are offered two, you can accept both, or one or none. If you are offered more than two, you can't take both, because both means ' the two together.' If you are offered only one, you can't take both! The word ' both ' is often used with ' of '. e.g. "My friend and I are going to that pop ( Full Answer )

How do you say God bless you both in Hebrew?

If both of you are male, or if one is male and one is female:. yevarekh elohim et shneikhem (יברך אלוקים את שניכם). If both of you are female:. yevarekh elohim et shneikhen (יברך אלוקים את שניכן) .

You have two spirits in you both are you yet both are not you... help?

Up to a point you are right, let me try and explain just what I mean. At some time prior to your birth your spirit entered your body making you a living person. This spirit was prior to entering your body in the spirit world with your Father in heaven. It were waiting to enter your human form. We do ( Full Answer )

If there was there was two guys that you like one a jerk and dreamy and the other is kind and sweet but a year older than you and they both asked you out which one would you say yes to?

choose the person who you feel most relaxed, happy and comfortable with. who cares if he's a jerk, or poor, or dumb, or retarded - the most important thing, is if u feel really joyful next to him. e.g. there were two guys. one poor, ugly, stupid - the other rich, handsome and tall. u feel really ( Full Answer )

What two words are both pronounced eek?

It's my third day of middle school, and today we read "Eeking out Life". It's actually a real newspaper story about a stray mouse rescued by a about-to-be-married couple. We have homework on it, and i do know that the word 'eke' means 'and' or 'also'. That's one. You can use a dictionary or another ( Full Answer )

What do you do if two gils like you and you like them both?

You should pick the person you can see yourself with. Don't be afraid to hurt one of their feelings, because you have to put your happiness first. However, if you like both of them, that could be a problem. Because you don't want the girl you choose to be jealous of you later, when she finds that yo ( Full Answer )

How do you say both in Japanese translation?

There are a few ways to say 'both' but most common is to use the word 二人 /fu ta ri/ and its variants such as 二人とも /fu ta ri to mo/.

How do you say 'You both are looking beautiful' in Spanish?

If they are male or one male and one female (informal): Los dos de vosotros os parecéis bonitos. If they are male or one male and one female (formal): Los dos de Ustedes se parecen bonitos. If they are both female (informal): Los dos de vosotras os parecéis bonitas. If they are both f ( Full Answer )

How do you say they are both Spanish in Spanish?

They are both Spanish, Meaning - These two people (man/woman or two men) are from Spain = ambos son de España. Meaning - These two things are hispanic/spanish speaking - ambos son hispanos/latinos.

How do you say 'both of you look great' in Japanese?

Casually: あなたたちはかっこいいよ (anata tachi wa kakkoii yo) Politely: あなたさんたちはかっこいいです (anata san tachi wa kakkoii desu)

Can two complementary angles both be acute?

They MUST both be acute. Two angles are complementary if their sum is 90 degrees. Therefore, neither of them can be greater than 90 degrees and so they are acute.

I fancy two girls and they were both friends One of them shows up in my dream and saying i had been rejecting her friend even tho i dont talk to them what does it means?

Our dreams are often ways to help us deal with situations thatconfuse us or elicit conflicting emotions. This dream of the twogirls might mean you feel bad about liking both girls or it mightmean nothing at all.Often our dreams are to help us make sense of or act out things wecan't deal with in our ( Full Answer )