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I spotted with both my girls.

HI, I DIDN'T spot with my daughter but I DID spot with my son!!!!! Just wanted to put that in, but I don't know anything about it being a girl or boy, that's not up to us!

Well I have 5 children and am pregnant with my 6th child.... My first born is a girl and I spotted with her early in the pregnancy. My next 3 children were boys and I did no spotting with them at all. My 5th child I did some spotting around 3 months and turned out she was a girl... Now the baby that I'm pregnant with now i spotted for like 2 days and at around 22 weeks pregnant i went in for an ultrasound and what do you know its another girl.... So i think that for me anyway spotting is a way to show me what I'm having!

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:49:16
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Q: Do you spot during pregnancy when it is a boy but not when it is a girl?
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How do you identify boy or girl during pregnancy?

By ultra sound

Is there symtoms of having a boy or girl during pregnancy?

Nothing reliable, just superstition.

How do you know whether the baby is a boy or girl during pregnancy?

Through an ultrasound scan.

How can you tell if im having a girl or boy during pregnancy before going to the doctor?

if you gain weight it is definitely a girl if you are loosing weight it is a boy

Can pregnancy happen when a boy touches a girl when she is period?

No, pregnancy cannot happen just from a boy touching a girl, period or not.

During pregnancy how do you know if you are having a boy or a girl execpt from ultrasound?

Gender can usually be determined around 20 weeks into pregnancy with an ultrasound.

How can you tell if your lizard is a girl or a boy?

Look at its bottom. If it has a spot its a boy if it doesn't its a girl.

What can go wrong during pregnancy?

u get a boy when u want a girl or the other way round

How do you guess weather baby is boy or girl during 8Th month pregnancy?

The only way to tell if you are having a boy or a girl would be to get an ultrasound. There is an old wives tale that says if you carry it low it is a boy if you are carrying high its a girl.

If you pee a lot during your pregnancy does that mean you are having a boy or a girl?

It doesn't mean anything, it's very common for pregnancy carrying both male and female babies.

When can you get an ultrasound to know if the baby is a boy or girl?

i believe they conduct ultrasounds to determine the sex of the baby is during the 5th month of pregnancy.

How do you differentiate a boy and a girl lizard?

The girl can run faster than the boy and the boy are bigger than the girl. You can also spot the different by poking them, then the one that bite is the female.

Can pregnancy happen when a boy hugs a girl when she is period?

No. Not possible.

Do you only get morning sickness when having a girl?

No, you can get morning sickness when expecting a boy or a girl. It is a myth that you only experience it with one or the other. It's the hormones that are released during pregnancy that cause morning sickness, and these are the same when the baby is a boy and when the baby is a girl

What does it mean when a boy puckers up his lips and taps the spot next to him to a girl?

When a boy puckers up his lips and taps the spot next to him he wants the girl to move closer to him so he can kiss her.

When do you start getting the line from the bellybutton during pregnancy?

When you start getting a big belly. When u have an enomous belly its a girl. If you dont its a boy

Are both teenage boy and teenage girl blame for teenage pregnancy?

This depends - if a boy forces a girl to have sex and she later finds out she is pregnant, this is not her fault, as the pregnancy is the result of sexual assault. If the boy is more than 3 years older than the girl, or if she is under the age of consent and the boy is over 18 - legally she is not to be blamed for the pregnancy - as she was not old enough to consent to having sex. Those exceptions aside - if the boy and girl equally consented to the sex act - they are both equally responsible for the pregnancy.

How do you know if a spider is a girl or a boy?

if you look underneath the spider if there is a little spot on its abdomen then its a girl

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If it has a spot on its bottom it's a boy if not a girl

How can you tell if a crawfish is a boy or a girl?

if a crawfish is a girl it has a white spot on its back in it isa egg in side and if its a boy you do not see a white hole in the hole it dose not have eggs and it dont even have a white spot

My urine is very fast in second pregnancy ithink its a boy?

my urine is very fast in second pregnancy i think its a boy coz i have already a baby girl but the pregnancy was very cool

Will it harm the baby if you get food poisoning during pregnancy?

Yes, The food you eat also goes straight to your baby girl/boy/eny other.

What does it mean if you dream of having a boy during pregnancy?


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