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You can still get a tax deduction for the donation of your old car. You will receive a deduction that equals the actual fair market value of the vehicle, and you cannot automatically receive the maximum allowance.

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2010-04-14 06:33:13
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Q: Do you still get a charitable deduction for junk car donation?
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Which charitable organizations will pick up a junk car donation from my home in Indianapolis?

Car Angel ( will do this anywhere in the country.

What is the maxiumum deduction for junk car donation?

There isn't a set in stone maximum deduction. However since 2005 the IRS has adopted tougher rules limiting the deduction to the actual sales price of the car if it is over 500$. The charity has to notify you of this within 30 days, but you have no right to know what the deduction will be before you donate the vehicle.

Can I write off a junk car donation on my taxes?

You can write off almost any donation on your taxes. Junk car donation is also something that you can write off.

Where could I donate a junk car to charity in Iowa?

There are multiple charity options in Iowa that will accept a car donation. Most charities will give you the standard tax deduction form for donating including The Salvation Army, contact (402) 342-4135 for information on donating. Also, there is the Teddy Bear Cops,, who give you the choice between using your donation as a tax deduction or receiving a free vacation.

How do I donate my junk car?

There are many different places to donate your unwanted junk vehicle. Organizations such as Donation Line, which can be found at, will take a junk car almost anywhere in the United States. You will need to be ready to fill out a form online or to call the number listed on the website. This is done at no cost to you and you be able to choose the charity or organization in which to donate your vehicle to. After the vehicle is towed you are then able to receive a tax deduction for your donation.

How much of a tax write off can I expect for donating a junk car?

By law, your deduction is limited to the amount the charity sells the car for, so for a junk car, you're not going to get much of a deduction.

Can I get a tax credit for donating my junk car?

Yes, you should be a ble to get a tax credit for the charitable contribution. It may have to be subtracted from your standard minimum deduction however. Be careful on the amount you claim also, it will surely raise an audit flag with the IRS.

Who removes junk in Chicago?

College Hunks Hauling Junk is the largest junk removal company in Chicago. They service all of chicagoland. They offer trash hauling, donation pickups and junk removal

Charitable Car Donation?

While the “cash for clunkers” program put a hamper on some charitable car donations, making the choice to give a used car to a nonprofit organization is still an option that many worthwhile causes hope more former car owners avail themselves of. It is easy and quick to find an organization that will accept donations of cars, RV, snowmobiles or other motor vehicles. This altruism will not only help out a fellow man but, depending upon the value of the vehicle, earn a nice tax write off in the process.OverviewWhile some may have heard about these programs in the past they may not have an idea of what these organizations do with a charitable car donation. A lot depends upon the condition of the vehicle. In the case of a car that is still in working order the organization will often sell it to a used car dealer for fundraising. If the car is not working, cannot pass emission standards, or is “junked”, they can also break down what is usable about the car and sell it off for parts. Some organizations do this directly while some do this through an independent car parts salesman.BenefitsA charitable car donation, depending upon the value of the vehicle, can earn an organization in one sale what months and months of car washes and other fundraising efforts can do with less cost. This is a great way for those groups to earn money and not have to outlay their own. For the donor, altruistic intentions aside this can also provide a fairly good tax deduction if the person itemizes their expenses. To qualify for a deduction, the charitable organization must be registered with the IRS as a non-profit, non-political organization. The IRS’s web site provides a list of organizations that qualify, and even if you are not interested in the tax write off it can be a great resource for locating a worthwhile cause. Another place to find information is the local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Even if that particular location does not do car donations, they may know of an organization or fundraising effort that does. In larger towns charitable car donation groups may be listed in the phone book.ConclusionRather than sending your car off to the junk heap, consider making a donation, consider making a charitable car donation. You’ll help out a worthwhile cause and maybe keep a few bucks from Uncle Sam down the line.

Where can I send my junk car for a donation in Los Angeles, CA?

Here's a place that will pick up your car for donation: . They accept cars in any condition, even junkers.

where can i find junk car buyers around pointe claire, quebec?

IN the worst case consider a free charitable donation service in here, , if your dead set in selling it try , below youll find some salvage yards.

Junk Car Donation: An Excellent Tax Deduction?

Do you have an old car sitting in your driveway? Are you about to get another car and no longer need your old vehicle? An excellent way to remove your excess vehicle from your life is through junk car donation.Donating your old car to an organization that has a use for it is socially and fiscally responsible. Most 501(c)3 charities will take care of the entire paperwork process for a chartiable deduction. They will give you the value of the car, a receipt that they received your donation and are willing to work with you should you encounter any problems.Most organizations that take junk car donations are willing to pick up the car whether it is working or not. Typically, you must have the title as well as other paperwork that ensures the vehicle belongs to you. The car may also sometimes be driven to the location that is setup by a charity. Most charities prefer that you drive the car to the drop off site as they will not have to find a wrecker company willing to donate their time to pick up your vehicle.Junk car donation does not have to be a difficult process. Most charities will let you call in your vehicle and pick it up within a day or two. However, before you go through the junk car donation process you should know that there is no way to take your vehicle back. Anytime you donate your car, you should be ready to say goodbye to it forever.The tax deduction portion of your junk car donation is very important to some individuals. Make sure that you tell the charity you donate the vehicle to that you want to have the tax deduction paperwork. They should be able to provide it to you with no problem. Otherwise, you should consider going to another charity to donate your vehicle. Finally, do not pass up the opportunity to look through your entire car before it is donated. You don’t want to leave any personal belongings behind!

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