Do you still get period pains in the first month of pregnancy?

Yes you do get pains in the first month of pregnancy, however it doesn't end there. I was terrified as I had suffered a misscarriage in June of this year. I was convinced I was getting my periods as I was cramping a lot. When I didnt get them after a week I did a test and it was positive. Five days later I started bleeding and the cramping got unbearable. After a scan I realised I had miscarried. In August of this year the same thing happened; I was cramping a lot and I was pregnant. I associated this cramping with miscarriage and the fact that I had gotten pregnant so soon after terrified me. But I am now 12 weeks and nearly out of the danger zone. I still get cramps on and off so I take great comfort in knowing that it is normal. I havent had any bleeding or fever, just all the ailments of pregnancy (tiredness, nausea etc) which I try my best to enjoy because I know I'm so lucky.

Yes some girls have period pains in the first month but it doesn't always mean a miscarriage is on its way; sometimes you can get period pains and the baby is fine. You get period pains because your belly is stretching so there is enough room for the baby. It doesn't mean that there is going to be a miscarriage.