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Do you still get periods while being on birth control?


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Yes, many woman still get monthly bleeding while taking birth control pills.

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It will change your periods but they will still be there but you will just have them at different times of the month.

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

No. You still have periods, it is just a lighter bleeding.

Yes, no birth control is 100% affective.

STOP! Do NOT take oral contraceptives if you even suspect you might be pregnant. It can cause birth defects. And, yes, you may have one or more periods during your pregnancy.

yes. however, it's illegal and no guarantee your birth control will still be safe.

No not necessarily. If you are on birth control it will affect the length of time you have your periods.

You periods are meant to be lighter on birth control, but I guess you could be pregnant. Take a test and I would stop taking the pills just until you know you're not pregnant

Alot of people have 2 periods a month yes its a pain what can regulate that is birth control but if you are trying to get pregnate you are most fertile a week before your period if you are still having problems see a dr for more guidence

The birth control pill can help with hot flashes in women who are still having periods. For women in menopause, the birth control pill is usually not sufficient to control hot flashes. Other non-hormonal treatments are also available. Talk with your health care provider about options.

Yes, you can. While birth control is reliable, there is no birth control that is 100% effective.

No, when your pregnant your periods stop completely. Then return after the birth. This is because your egg is being used and isn't going to be flushed away, meaning no blood can be released.

No, the point of birth control is so that your body will not ovulate so that you will not get pregnant. Your period is withdrawal bleeding, which is not the same as regular periods.

If you still have your period while starting the next pack of birth control, continue taking the pill as scheduled. If you are asking about the possibility of reducing the number of periods by taking one of the extended cycle pills, talk with your health care provider about your options.

Yes, many woman still have periods during pregnency but skip 3 or 4. And birth control is never 100%. Go to a doctor what if your a virgin and you have not skipped any?

Some women still experience monthly bleeding while using birth control.

Yes, a woman can still take the pill after a tubal litigation. In fact, it is recommended that she does take birth control pills in order to regulate periods and bleeding.

It's unlikely to be pregnant if you're having regular periods and taking birth control correctly and consistently. Talk to your health care provider if you have concerns about the reliability of your method.

I recently just restarted birth control after a month of being off of it and was previously on it for a year, during this time I started my period every Tuesday, since restarting birth control would my period still be on a Tuesday if I was a Sunday starter?? :)

yes, i take birth control and i still have cramps

Yes, you can be on birth control without being sexually active. But for further information consult a physician.

It is called 'birth control' for a reason... As long as you follow the instructions carefully and do everything appropriate then no you won't get pregnant. Howwwwwwever, with all birth control methods, there is still the smallest of small chances it could happen. You're probably safest with double protection for example being on the pill and using condoms.

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