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You have to pay until they are 18 years old or whatever your child support papers say. Dropping out of school or them becoming pregnant has nothing to do with it. Child support is to help support the child not keep them from dropping out of school or becoming pregnant.

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Q: Do you still have to pay child support in Tennessee if a child drops out of school or becomes pregnant?
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If a student becomes pregnant can they quit school?

depending on the student's decition, she has the right to stay in school or drop out. It also depends if the school is public or private. You would have to look into the guidlines on pregnant students in the handbook that the school offers.

If you are paying child support in PA for a child that is 18 but still in high school and she is pregnant is there any change in child support while she is pregnant or after she has the child?

No, that obligations is to the father of that unborn child. Also, once high school is completed your financial obligation for support ends.

Can you move out after graduating high school in Tennessee?

sure u can..if u can support urself and are over 18 or emancipated.

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If a child is 16 and gets pregnant and quits school do you still pay child support?

Yes, until she reaches 18; she is still considered a minor even though she is pregnant and not attending school.

What's the right age to get pregnant?

I Think The Right Age To Get Pregnant Is When You Finish School Because You Have To Finish School In Order For You To Support The Baby Cause Your Momma Cant Support You And The Baby And You Are Still A Child.Soo You Should Have A Baby At About The Age 21 Or 22. When You Are Out Of College And Married!

Does the noncustodial parent still have to pay child support if child becomes pregnant?

Depends on the age of the child. If they become pregnant and eligible for their own government financial assistance then possibly NO. But if they are pregnant with no government assistance then YES. I believe that child support must continue until the child is old enough to have graduated from high school. Age 17 approx, regardless of circumstances... Besides, if your daughter is having your grandchild she will need financial help regardless.

Do you paychildsupport when child is pregnant and attending school?

The child's pregnancy would not, in itself, be cause for terminating support.

If you are receiving child support in the state of California and your child becomes pregnant at the age of 16 is the father of the child still obligated to still pay child support?

I don't live in Cali but in most states the only time a child support case ends is when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school whichever comes last and not to exceed 19. Her having a baby should not have anything to do with your support.

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If my pregnant 18 year old daughter is still in high school can she move out and do we still have to support her?

If you're in the US, once she turns 18, she can move out, and no, you do not have to support her.

How did Louise Hay support her family in high school?

She didn't. By her own account, she dropped out of high school at age 15, became pregnant and had to struggle to support herself after she moved away from home at age 16.

If your 17 year old daughter drops out of school and is pregnant do you still have to pay child support in the state of Ohio?

Yes, you have to pay until she is emancipated. Dropping out of school and being pregnant makes no difference as long as she is a minor.

Tennessee they go by both parents income to determine child support what if the mother quit work and both kids in school and is able to work and the father pays child support why should support go up?

Contact an attorney.

Do you still have to pay child support if your 16 year old daughter gets pregnant and drops out of school?


Can a parent file for child support for the first time after the child is eighteen years old in Tennessee?

yes as long as the child is still in school

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