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Do you store a rifle with the barrel pointed upwards?

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It won't fall over as easily if it is stored muzzle up but you will want to cover the muzzle to keep dirt and insects from going into the bore.

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Stevens rifle that cracks open Single shot It has no serial number ican find-Called it a marksman-Almost never fire condition-anybody know how old or what it might be worth?

Is this a Shotgun you are asking about? If so, here is some information that may help you. How to break it open: With the rifle closed and facing straight up pointed at the ceiling, reach under the barrel where the wood grip (Forearm) ends at the top. There is enough room to put your finger between the wood grip and barrel. Give the grip a tug away from the barrel and it should spring free. Remove it. Then break the barrel open and it will separate from the stock. Under the barrel you will find the serial number and possibly the model number. You will also find the serial number in the wood forearm grip that you just removed and in the stock hinge. Replace in reverse order. History of J Stevens:1884 J Stevens & Company (Started) 1888 J Stevens Arms & Tool Company (Changed Name) 1920 taken over by Savage Arms Company. If you find the model number re-post the queston again. You can try looking up rifle in (2008 Standard Catalogue of Firearms 18th edition) in a book store.

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What do you do with a rifle that was manufactured improperly?

Take it back to the store where you bought it or contact the maker

How does a takedown rifle work?

A takedown rifle works byÊits name: aÊrifle that you can take down. It is a rifle that can be taken apart so that its length is reduced by about half and is easier to store, pack, travel with, and hide.

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