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The only reasons to take a solar cover off should be to swim or if the water temperature gets hotter than you desire.

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Q: Do you take a solar cover off in the event of rain?
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How long does it take for a solar cover to heat up a pool?

2 days

How long would it take a solar flare to affect the earth?

Typically 3-5 days. It depends on how violent the solar event is.

Can you shock your pool while using a solar blanket?

You shouldn't. The solar cover will keep the chlorine from disolving in the sun. Take the cover off and shock the pool. When the chlorine drops to a normal level cover the pool again if you use a blanket.

What sport does take a rain check come from?

It's gotta be from the sport of Cricket, the `"gentleman's game" that is rendered virtually "unplayable" in the ominous event of rain.

How do you install a inground pool solar cover on a reel. My solar cover is not tight on the reel when I take it off.?

Get a role of valcro strips and cut them into 6" strips. Attach them to the reel and the cover at about every 3 feet. Then attach the strips together and you will be able to reel the cover onto the reel and it will stay tight.

How do you get out of a tornado?

In the event of a tornado the best thing to do is take cover rather than try to escape.

Can you give an example sentence using the idiom take cover?

The rain turned to hail so we had to take cover in a shop door way. During the storm we took cover in a hay barn. -- past tense

What do NHL teams do to the ice when there is another event?

I'm pretty sure that they cover the ice. Either that or take it out.

Do you take a solar cover off in the day to let the sun rays penetrate the water or do you leave it on all the time except when swimming?

Leave the solar cover on - day and night. During the day, cover will absorb the heat from the sun and transfer that heat directly into the water. At night, the cover will help to retain the heat absorbed during the day and reduce evaporation. Hope this helps ... The original purpose of a solar cover is the ability to have the sun (err, solar) heat the pool thru the cover. If the cover is off during the day and on at nite you've wasted a $100+. C'mon, lets use a little common sense.

Why does partial solar eclipse take place?

A partial solar eclipse takes place because the Sun and the Moon are not perfectly aligned. So, the Moon doesn't cover all of the Sun.

What is the easiest way to put on and take off a large solar pool cover?

I had the same problem. I use a plastic clamp and rope. I clamp the edge of the cover then walk across to the other side of the pool to pull the solar cover over to me'folding it in half then fold it in half again so it is easy to roll up.

What solar event people feared?

A solar eclipse was an event that ancient people greatly feared. Some believed a terrible catastrophe was about to take place and others believe the sun was being swallowed by a dragon. Still others believed it was a sign the earth was going to be devastated by disease and death.

If Lawn mower left in the rain won't start?

Probably a rusty flywheel and coil contacts. Take cover off and sand them.

How many solar rings does it take to cover a pool?

That really depends on the pool size. The store selling the product will know the formula.\k

Is it hard to take care of an above ground pool?

No, its not all that hard to maintain an above ground pool you need a pool cover or a solar cover to keep it away from dust, leaves,trash,etc.

How do you say take cover in German?

Take cover! = Deckung!

Can you take cover on Fallout 3?

There is no official cover system on Fallout 3, but sure you can take cover.

How many days are in a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a fairly quick event - from beginning to end is never more than a few hours. The total part of a solar eclipse at one location is never more than 7.5 minutes; the partial phases of the eclipse before and after take the remainder of the time.

How much rain does it take to rain 12 inches in the Northern European plain?

It would take 12 inches, to rain 12 inches.

When was I'll Take the Rain created?

I'll Take the Rain was created on 2001-11-19.

How long does it take for the Moon to cover the Sun during an eclipse?

It lasts as long as 7 minutes and 31 seconds while others are shorter. A solar eclipse can only take place at the phase of the new moon.

Do peacocks dance in the rain or in rain?

Peacocks do not "dance" in the rain, but if they want to they will use the rain to take a bath in, which might look like they were dancing.

What is another word for solar system?

Solar system will take electricity.

How do cougars protect themselves?

they take cover in the underbushThey take cover in the underbrush.

What Should you Do if it is raining?

You should get out of the rain and take all electronics out of the rain.