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Do you think Paul is Oliver's dad on neighbors?

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he is not!!

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Who are jamie olivers mum and dad?

Sally Oliver and Trevor Oliver

What was paul robeson's dad name?

Bob Robenson.....i think....whos paul robenson?

What movie is about a boy Has a kinda crazy dad at war with neighbors one scene of the movie the dad cranks up the record player to annoy neighbors Dad also takes him fishing?

It Runs in the family

What is the name of Paul Fisher's dad?

The book does not state the name of Paul Fisher's dad. The author always refers to Paul's dad as Dad or Mr. Fisher.

When did paul McCartneys dad die?

Paul McCartney's dad Jim died March 18, 1976.

When did Paul Revere's dad die?

Paul Revere's dad died in 1754.July 22, 1754

Who is kane's dad?

Paul Bearer is supposedly Kane's dad

Who is Jesse McCarthy dad?

Paul McCarthy Paul McCarthy

What is steven gerrards dad called?

Steven Gerrard's dad is called Paul, Steven's brother is also called Paul.

Is paul mccartny jesse's dad?

no he is not

Who is The Undertaker's dad?

paul bearer

Did paul revere's family die?

Paul Revere's dad died

What Jacqueline Wilson's mum and dad called?

dad: paul mum: lily

Is Paul bearer undertakers dad?

paul bearer has returned on smackdown he is not his dad. his real name is Percy pringle funny name huh? Percy Pringle is not Taker's dad!!! And by the way Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle are the same person

Are there two Paul Revere's?

No, Paul Revere had only one dad or farther.

What is Selina Gomez dad name?


What did Paul Cezanne's dad work as?

He was a banker.

What did Paul Revere's dad have for a job?


Who was Paul Revere going to see?

his dad

Who is the Jonas Brothers' dad?

The Jonas Brothers' dad is Paul Kevin Jonas.

What is the name of the Jonas brothers' dad?

Their dad is Paul Kevin Jonas I. Kevin's real name is actually Paul Kevin Jonas II.

What are the names of steven gerrards mum and dad?

mom is Julie and dad is paul so is his brothers (no relation to goal keeper Paul Gerrard on Everton)

Why did paul Revere's dad change his name from Apollos to paul revere?

He thought it was to compelcated

Is the dad of the Jonas brothers name Kevin or Paul?

Yes his name is Kevin not paul.

What is the Jonas Brothers dad called?

The Jonas Brothers' father's full name is "Paul Kevin Jonas I." The brothers refer to him as "dad," and to everyone else, Paul.