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Absolutely Not. Your image as a professional will be in question. Always dress conservative. Now, if you plan on getting a job at a strip joint, that's something else! Seriously? Unless you're 4'5", and really not even then, should you wear shoes like that. Not to an interview, not on the job. No! I'd be afraid of getting stuck in a sidewalk grate! Even if you're very tiny, I'd say this is inappropriate. Heels for an interview should be a maximum of 2 inches. Pumps or flats are even more appropriate. Four inch heels make your legs look great. But is that what you really want to stand out at the interview? ~ T

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โˆ™ 2005-12-18 19:05:36
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Q: Do you think it is appropriate to wear 4 inch plus high heels to a job interview for an administrative post?
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