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Yes, anti seize can affect torque specifications by as much as 30%, depending on how it is applied. If there is a torque range, say for spark plugs like 15 - 21 ft lbs, then torque to 15ft lbs and you can rest assured the plug will be driven deeper than it normally would have at 15 ft lbs without anti-seize.

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Q: Do you torque spark plugs differently with anti-seize compound on an aluminum head engine?
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Why does cylinder head made of alluminium?

Aluminum is used for cylinder heads and engine blocks to make the entire engine lighter. A lighter engine is desired for a number of reasons, including better gas mileage, better handling, better braking response and better chassis balance. Since the aluminum used in standard engines and cylinder heads does not provide a good surface for high-friction areas, such as valve guides and piston cylinders, where aluminum-to-aluminum surfaces would wear out too quickly, other metals such as steel is used for the aluminum component to slide on. For example, an aluminum piston rides inside a steel liner which is inserted into the aluminum engine block. Since aluminum and steel respond very differently to the heat and cold in an engine, very careful design engineering is required when using these two metals together.

What is the material of engine heads?

Engine heads are constructed of iron or aluminum.

Does 2005 dodge engine made with aluminum parts?

Most do use aluminum parts.

What is a rockets engine casing?

cast aluminum

What part of airplanes uses aluminum?

the engine

What is aluminum on a car?

Some have aluminum engine blocks and/or cylinder heads, many of the sensors, intake manifolds

Is this engine made of aluminum?

Yes.Engine can be made of aluminium.

Which is better for engine cooling aluminum or silicone piping?

If the problem is to help engine cooling through the direct transfer of heat out of the piping, the aluminum will be superior to the silicone piping by far. Aluminum is one of the best materials for the conduction of heat.

Is a 86 fiero 4 cylinder engine an aluminum engine?


What kind of metals are used in a car?

Copper in all wiring. Aluminum or Iron in engine block. Iron, Steel, Aluminum in engine rotating assembly. Iron, Steel, Aluminum in suspension. Stainless in light bulb sockets, as component fasteners, sometimes brake line, antennae, and engine piston rings, valves or exhaust.

Where is your oil filter on a zd30 engine?

This engine uses a cartridge filter and is situated in an aluminum cover on the right side from the front of the engine.

What is Compound DC motor?

The DC compound engine is a blend of the arrangement engine and the shunt engine. It has an arrangement field winding that is associated in arrangement with the armature and a shunt field that is in parallel with the armature.

Is fire engine a compound word?

No, fire engine is not a compound word. fire and engine are to words not together. : ) :P : ) :P Simples : )

What is a aluminum enigine?

It is an engine made out of aluminum. BMW, as well as other car makers, use aluminium engines in their vehicles.

What metal is used in a car engine?

steel, iron or aluminum

What is the engine head made of in 2009 kia rio?


Does the 91 Corsica with the V6 have aluminum or steel heads?

The 3.1 L V-6 engine in your Chevy Corsica Has Aluminum Heads

Did corvette ever come out with an all aluminum engine?

yes 1969 427 big block all aluminum verry rare

Is your 2000 Chevy s-10 engine block aluminum?

yes 2.2 4cyl and 4.3 V6 are both aluminum engines

What minerals are in a car engine?

cast iron, aluminum, graphite and magnesium

Which material used in engine liners?

Aluminum alloy or cast iron

What is the metal used for making pistons?

Either steel or aluminum, or both, could be used to make engine pistons. Aluminum is lighter but not as strong.

Is the 5.7 350 engine on a 1995 chev van aluminum or steel?

That year would be ALL cast iron. Now the intake is aluminum.

How can you tell if you have an aluminum engine block?

Use a magnet. If it sticks to the block, it's cast iron. If it won't stick, the block is cast aluminum.

Where are the spark plugs on the Chevy Cavalier?

On the 2.2L engine they are in the front between the exhaust manifold. On the 2.4L engine they are under the aluminum cover on the top of the engine. There are no plug wires on the 2.4L engine.