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Do you use quotation marks when writing names of paintings?

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In MLA format, original paintings require either underlining or italics. See example:

Da Vinci, Leonardo. Mona Lisa. 1503-1506. Oil on wood. Louvre, Paris.

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No, It depends on the book you are reading but normally they wouldn't have quotation marks

Company names are not underlined, nor are quotation marks put around them. They are written as normal proper nouns unless there are underlines or quotation marks in the name itself.

No. Unless it is said in the quote. You only put the exact quote in the quotation marks usually.

You do not put band names in quotation marks. However, you do capitalize the band/artist. Correct: Skillet Incorrect: "Skillet"

Music videos require quotation marks, while album names require either an underline or italics.

Quotation marks never indicate emphasis. I would leave them off names.

Yes, the names of short stories should go in quotation marks. The general rule is that lengthier, stand-alone works, such as novels and plays, should be underlined or italicized, while shorter works, such as short stories (what I'm assuming you're referring to) and most poems should be placed in quotation marks.

Consult the style guide for the publication you're writing for (if it's for a class, ask your teacher what style guide you should be using). Putting article names in quotation marks is a pretty typical practice, though. Usually the article name would be in quotation marks, and the name of the publication it was in would be in italic ("slanted") type, or underlined if you're using a typewriter that doesn't do italics.

It is important to know how to set apart the names of songs and other produced materials when you are writing an academic paper. You do not underline the title of a song, you put it in quotation marks.

it is called quotation marks this is for anything

No. You should use italics (where possible) for poems, books, movies, or plays, and "quotation marks" around article titles or chapter names.

apostrophe, period, exclamation point, question mark, colon, ellipses, quotation marks, semi colon.

The names of newspapers, magazines and other journals should be italicized. If italics are not available, underline if handwritten or use quotations marks.

The names of books and other large works are underlined or italicized.

It is not the normal way of doing it. You simply capitalize the team name.

No. Company names are just proper nouns (they require capital letters).

You don't. You use underlining, bold, or italics if you're typing.

This would not normally be done. The usage will depend on the specific style manual being followed.

That depends on the sort of essay which one is writing. However, per the Chicago Manual of Style a book can either be underlined or in italics as long as one is consistent in the usage in an essay. No quotation marks are needed for a book.

You should also use them when writing a dialogue or around foreign words and the names of short stories.

No, song titles are not underlined. Instead, they are put in quotation marks. Example: "Home on the Range" I don't know if this is true though

Names of characters do not require any special punctuation. Titles, however, do.

Either italicize the name of the paper or underline the name. Place the names of articles or sections of the newspaper in quotation marks.

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