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Q: Do you use solubility when you make skim milk?
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Can you use skim milk to make pastillas?

i was the one asking if i can use skimmed milk for pastillas.... :(

Can you use skim milk to make homemade ice cream?


How do you use the word skim in a sentence?

I do not like the taste of skim milk.

How can you use skim milk?

usually skim milk is consumed by people who are conscious about their weight. skim milk is also labeled as "NON FAT MILK", for it contains about 0%-0.3% of fat compare to a "WHOLE MILK" which contains 3% to 4% fat.

Can you use skim milk instead of scalding whole milk in icing?

I wouldn't use skim milk. Partly because of it texture compared to like creams and 2 percents. I mean you can use skim milk it just wont taste as good and it wont be as creamy or thick as it would b e if you use a thicker millk :)

Can you use skim milk in a white bread recipe?

Yes, but you may need to increase the amount of shortening (or butter) that is called for in the recipe since skim milk has no fat. The reduced fat from the skim milk can affect the taste and texture of the bread.

What food can you use Skim Milk for?

Well, in my opinion, I think you can use it for anything. I drink Skim Milk all the time and I don't taste a difference. It is basically your own opinion. Hope this helped!

Can you use skim milk in making white bread?

yes you can

What famous writer was the first to use the term skim milk?


Can you use evaporated skim milk instead of 1 percent milk in a cake recipe?

yes you can'pretty much milk is milk no matter what it is labelled

How can I make a healthy smoothie?

To make a healthier smoothie, eliminate the cream and replace it with skim milk. You can use almost any fruit in your smoothies to create a healthy and great tasting drink.

How do i feed newborn kittens?

Get a can of skim milk and an eyedropper Warm up the milk alittle not too hot and use the eyedropper to get alittle milk on their lips to make them lick and they start drinking after they taste it Do not feed baby kittens cow milk! it can kill them,they can have goat milk ,buy cat replacement formula

What can you use instead of whole milk?

2% milk, 1% milk, skim milk mixed 50/50 with light cream or half and half, or evaporated milk mixed 50/50 with water.

Can you use cream cheese in quiche instead of half and half or cream?

I'd use milk first (skim, reduced fat)

How do you feed a baby turtle that hasn't been raised in captivity?

You can feed this baby turtle with chopped up bananas, tomatoes, and many more u can also fee this turtle with the use of milk that is skim because u want them to not have all of the fat and i know that skim milk is just kinda white water but it does not feed the turtle all of that fat. What u do is put the skim milk in a tub aware bowl and put about half the size and maybe a little over the half of the shell so that way the turtle can drink while while smoothing there skin. But if u want to do this i would make sure to give it a water bath before letting the turtle get in and soak/drink the milk... Thank you and don't forget SKIM MILK

Is skim milk good for you?

Skin milk is milk without the fat. For most people who could use less fat in their diet is a good source of protein and calcium.

Can you use evaporated milk instead of half and half?

Evaporated milk and half and half are not the same thing. Evaporated milk is just as it sounds, milk that has had some of the liquid evaporated off. Half and half is half skim milk and half cream.

How many calories are there in a small regular coffee with regular milk and one sugar?

It depends on how much milk you use and how much sugar is in the packet, but very few. If you make a cup of coffee, use about 1/4 cup of skim milk, and a teaspoon of sugar, then about 40 calories. Coffee = about 2 calories, skim milk = 1/4 cup about 21 calories, and sugar is 16 calories per teaspoon. If you're a little heavy handed or the sugar or whatnot is not in packets, it may be a few calories more or less, but really, it's not that much.

Can you use skim milk for making pastillas instead of milk powder?

You can, but it will require cooking to thicken and reduce the recipe. It is easier to use powdered milk, although the authentic recipe uses carabao's(water buffalo) milk AND requires cooking to reduce and thicken the pastillas.

What has the author Helen Pixton written?

Helen Pixton has written: 'A study of powdered skim milk with special reference to its household use' -- subject(s): Dried milk, Milk, Utilization

Does it matter what kind of milk you use when making homemade ice cream?

no but it tastes a lot better with 2% then skim or 1%

How many calories are in a cup of tea with skim milk but no suger?

Previous answer - "The tea and no sugar will have no calories, so it depends on the amount of skim milk you put in. So probably between 50 and 80 calories." How in the heck did you get that total? 100ml of skim miik only contains about 37 cals. Most people only use about 30 - 50mls making tea. But, for arguements sake we suppose you make the tea with 100ml of skmi milk (which is a heck of a lot for just tea) and the tea - without sugar = contains no cals, then the smallest answer is be about 37 cals max.

What energy system do cross country runners use and what effects does this have on the body?

I use Chocolate milk diluted with regular skim milk seems to work good for 2 plus hour runs. Google it for more info.

Is whole milk healthier than skim?

The only difference between whole milk and skim milk is in its fat content. Whole milk contains apprroximately 3.5 grams of fat per 100 ml. This does not mean, however, that whole milk is less healthy than skim milk, as your body needs a certain amount of dietary fat. Additionally the vitamins contained in milk can only be absorbed if taken with fat. So taking the fat away from the milk also means, as a consequence, that a substantial part of its vitamin content will not be available for your body to absorb and use. So it really depends. If you are overweight and trying to restrict your calory and/or dietary fat intake, the benefit provided by skim milk may outweigh the vitamin loss. But if you are not trying to lose weight I would strongly recommend you drink whole milk, which also has, let's face it, a much better taste!

Why will you lose weight if you use cream in your coffee and not skim milk?

You won't lose weight. Skim milk has no fat, cream is usually half and half, which contains a massive amount of fat. Fat = Fat. The only reason you'd use cream is if you're on the Atkins diet and are cutting carbohydrates. This is all well and good until you go into diabetic shock.