Do you want to know how to do Berry Crush?

If You want to do berry crush first of all you have to insert the berry program. You conect a cable with 2 GBA's one with Fire Red/Leaf Green and the other one with Saphire/Ruby. Only turn F/G on. When it gets to the PRESS START screen press b+ select, follow the instructions, then u can get berries. To get berries, on the grass there should be a dark green circle there, press a and u get a berry. When u have at least 1 berry go to Cerilien City and go inside the house next to the House where u can go outside (if that makes sense). There should be a man there. Talk to him and say you like berries and then he will give u a powder jar. Go upstairs in a Poke center, direct corner and do berry crush with a friend, using wireless conecter. You can exchange powder with items where u got ur powder jar from. If you can't find any berries send me back an answer and i will tell u where some are.