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Do your bangs grow faster than the rest of your hair?

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No, your hair grows uniformly. However, it may seem that bangs grow faster because they lay on your forehead and can begin to obscure vision.

2006-08-11 12:29:07
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Will your bangs grow fast?

They should grow the same as the rest of your hair. If your hair isn't healthy, your bangs will grow slow.

Does sleep makes your hair grow faster?

Sleep does not directly make your hair grow faster. Sleep allows you to rest and de-stress causing your hair to grow faster.

What is a good hair cut for a 12 year old with dark brown medium-langth layer hair?

I think you should get ear length side bangs and more layers if your hair is straight if your hair is curly get the side bangs and let the rest grow out

How do you get Jeremy Davis hairstyle?

Grow your hair out...get layered edgy hair with bangs in the front and get the sides shorter than the rest like in that's what you get has a good caption of jeremy's hair from the side

Does your hair grow faster while you are sleeping?

Yes, your hair does grow faster while you are sleeping. This is because sleep is necessary to maintain your body. When you're at rest, your body has time to recuperate.

What is it called when your bangs are long and they sweep to the side when the rest of your hair is straight?

Those bangs are often called long side-swept bangs. You could then describe the rest of your hair as straight, unless there is an added detail such as "without layers" or "straightened."

What should you do to make your hair grow faster?

To make your hair grow faster, you should eat healthy foods and get plenty of rest. Being healthy makes your hair grow at its fastest rate. You can also try taking biotin supplements that are designed to help strengthen hair and fingernails.

Would a 11 year old girl with brown wavy hair look good with bangs?

um it really depends on it your hair is thick or thin and the bangs could end up wavy like the rest of ur hair. it might be better just to go with side bangs um it really depends on it your hair is thick or thin and the bangs could end up wavy like the rest of ur hair. it might be better just to go with side bangs

In hair terms what are bangs?

Bangs are like the hair on your forehead that's shorter than the majority of the rest of your hair. Some people have full bangs that cover their whole forehead and some people have side bangs that are similar to full ones but they're simply pulled to the side and can be pushed behind your ear.

How do facial hair grow faster?

You might have heard that if you shave, it will start growing faster, which is not true. There isn't an healthy effective way to make hair grow faster. You could take vitamins, get good rest and keep your face clean and moist to help it a little, but it is really up to your genes.

How do you grow your hair extension?

Hair extensions do not in themselves make your hair grow,but instead give your hair more time to rest and grow

How do you grow out your bangs in three months?

well it definetly depends on what type of hair you have if you are Latino your hair grows fairly quick also if you are a natural blonde but if you are African American your hair doesn't grow fast at all. Brunetts are caught in between fast and medium. but I suggest using wen hair care products they are indeed expensive but will get the job done. also for a cheaper route you can go to your local drugstore and look for hair grow products they range from 5$-30$ but wen is about 60$. also to look as if your hair (bangs) is the same length as the rest is to trim the rest ( depending on the length the results may vary). hope this helps!♥ ~Alise12

What new hairstyles are in?

Pull up bangs and pin then pull rest of your hair into a high ponytail high ponytail flat iron your hair wavy hair Be CREATIVE!

How do you dye your banges?

You can dye your bangs along with the rest of your hair, but if you are dying them yourself be sure to keep the bangs and the dye pushed back and out of your eyes. If you want to dye only the bangs, have a stylist do it for you, they will likely use foils or another highlighting technique.

Would this work i want bangs then get your hair feathed and short choppy layers?

You can definitely get bangs and have the rest of your hair feathered and cut in short choppy layers. This look helps make hair look more full and the layers often make it more manageable to take care of.

Does Hermione have bangs?

Hermione has bangs in the first movie/book, but not in the rest, okay?

How do you keep your bangs straight in the summer?

I'm not sure what kind of bangs you have but just a heads up, mine are forehead bangs. There isn't really a way to keep your hair permanently straight nor is there a way to avoid heat. The way I keep my bangs straight in the summer is after I take a shower, I towel dry my hair, brush it all back and then shake my head to find my actual bangs. After that, I take a fine tooth comb and keep brushing it through my bang, making sure that my longer hair doesn't get mixed in with my bangs. If my bangs clump together because it's wet, I'll take tissue and just run it down my bangs. In a few minutes, my bamgs will be dry and straight. The rest of my hair however is still wet but if you want that to be straight as well, I suggest you keep brushing and towel drying that part too. Or, you can shortcut and use straighteners and blow dryers but that will make your hair very brittle and cause your hair to fall out. Rather the long way than regretting it later!

Do apples make your hair grow?

YES. eat nothing but apples the rest of your life.

Why does your hair dry at the root before the rest of your hair?

Hair drys at the root before the rest of the hair due to the "heat zone" from the scalp. This is a person's own body heat which comes up from the scalp and warms and drys the hair. This is also why blonding occurs faster at the root.

You have long blond hair but want quite a drastic cut not to very short but to short or medium length What is the best style?

Last summer I had really long dirty blondish/brown hair, and a really cute hairstyle I recently tried was cutting it to my shoulders and getting tons of choppy, short layers. I also got thick side bangs that hit about almost at my eyes. Because of the side bangs, I part my hair to the side and have additional layers that feather my bangs to blend with the rest of my hair and frame my face. It's a really cute idea!

If you have big feet will you grow taller?

there is a chance you will grow taller Answer: feet can grow faster than the rest of the body. As long as the growth plates at the end of the bones have not fused, you will continue to grow.

Once you have public hair do you have it for the rest of your life?

Yes. Pubic hair will always grow there. The only way to get rid of it is to shave it or wax it off, though it will just grow back again.

What is the best hair style for a black medium length hair with bangs?

I think this would look great : pin the bangs back with a bobby pin but with volume and twist the rest into a side bun. It's quite hard to explain but check out Tulisa Contostavlos' hairstyle on the live show week 3 of x factor uk 2011 on youtube!

How does hair products affect the growth of your hair?

A small portion of products actually help hair grow, but the rest just make it shinier or straighter. Theres a shampoo u can get called mane n tail, it makes yer hair grow likes weeds

Why does scalp hair grows faster than hair on the rest of the body?

The more often you cut your hair, the quicker it grows back. Therefore, since we cut the hair on our head so often, it grows the fastest.