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Do your insurance rates go down after you turn 25?


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Typically the insurance goes down once you turn 25 or get married whichever comes first.

California car insurance rates are higher for drivers under 25. However your rates may be lower depending on your gender and driving record.

== == Car insurance rates are based on several factors, such as age and marital status, and the person's own driving history, as well as the value of the vehicle, how far it is driven annually, and where it is driven, and how much it costs to repair after an accident, and how often that type of vehicle is stolen. Your question is way too broad in it's scope.

Car Insurance Rates Drop After Age 25

If they do, it won't be much. Usually the costs go down when you are 21 and again at 25. Men have higher rates than women, but equal out at 25.

Car insurance first gets cheaper when you turn 25.

No, it will not. The reason insurance rates tend to go down at that point is because you're considered to be in a lower risk category than persons under 25 years old. But you don't get a clean slate.

I wouldn't say ALWAYS about much of anything. But most companys rates do fall way down at 25, but that would depend and assume that your driving record is good, and no accidents, tickets etc. Contact your agent or the policy services dept of your company and they will be able to tell you.

No,it is more likely to go up being so you are not legally an adult. Also, your premium doesn't go down until you're 25 yrs.

Progressive insurance is known for providing the best rates to young drivers. They do better than any other provider.

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The auto rates of Liberty Mutual Insurance is different for different drivers because drivers have different driving records. To compare this particular company to others, you may visit their website and compare it to whatever company you want to compare it to, such as geico.

Most likely it won't, especially if you are over the magic age of 25.

Your auto insurance will probably go up 25 to 50 dollars a month depending on what the points are for. Generally, auto records are not reviewed until you change or renew your policy.

In NC that is a one point ticket and yes it will increase about 20-25%.

Across the board, rates are higher in NYC, as it's an extremely pricey area. Major U.S. cities always carry higher rates, even with a great driving record. You'll want to plan for a 15-25% jump in rates if moving from Buffalo to New York City.

Some car that will withstand front and rear damage without deploying airbags, I like older Chevy Blazers. they can take a beating. Wait and buy your first real car until you are about 25 when your insurance rates go down.

The accumulation of ANY points on your license will be an excuse for them to raise your rates, especially if you are under 25 YOA.

Check with your agent. He will be able to tell you. It is a state to state, region to region, etc. consideration.

Be a better driver, live in areas where things such as car theft and accidents aren't so high, and, if you're not 25 yet, wait until you are.

According to a web page on the Chase website regarding services by Chase auto insurance it offers information on auto loan rates for cars. They offer a 25% discount for applicants who have a personal checking account with them.

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The rates are based on statistics. The highest accident margin is in young drivers. As that risk decreses with age, so do insurance rates.AnswerBecause STATISTICALLY, drivers under 25 are the most likely to have serious collisions that end up causing a lot of damage. Most drivers seem to get a lot smarter when they have a little maturity.

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