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Mine get smaller when i lie. you can test this by when your with your girlfriend or boyfriend your pupils usually get big cause you like them. then go stand in the mirror and tell a lie while watching them then you'll know if they get bigger or smaller.

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Why do owls pupils get bigger?

Owl's pupils get bigger because there pupils react to movement and light causing them to enlarge there pupils.

Do your pupils dilate when you lie?

Yes they do.

How do your pupils get when you have a concussion?


If you go into shock do your pupils get bigger?

Yes, your pupils become dilated.

Do people with blue eyes have bigger pupils?

i have blue eyes & my pupils are big

Are there contacts that make your pupils look bigger?

Yes, there are contacts that make your pupils look bigger. However, they can be very harmful for your eyes.

Why cant you see less when your pupils get smaller?

Because your pupils adjust to the light and when there is more light your pupils get smaller and when there isn't much light your pupils get bigger .

Are pupils supposed to be big or small?

Well when you are inside or in a low lighted area your pupils get bigger, but when you outside when its bright your pupils get smaller.

Is it true that if you like someone your pupils will get bigger?


Do your pupils get bigger or smaller when you are drunk?


When you cry are your pupils smaller or bigger?


What happens to your pupils in dim light?

They get bigger.

What happens to your pupils when you smoke weed and get high?

Your pupils get bigger and most of the time your eyes will get blood shot!

What do your pupils become in dim light?

dilated or bigger

What happens when cat's pupils get bigger?

It means that they are about to attack.

Do your pupils get bigger or smaller when you're high?

Smaller !

How and why do your pupils dilate when you lie?

They don't. They might dilate when you're scared.

If someones pupils get bigger does it mean they love you?

If they are looking at you they might love you because there is a fact that the pupil gets 45% bigger when it sees something pleasing.

How do the pupils adjust to the amount of light available?

They get bigger or smaller

Do your pupils get bigger when you are in love?

Yes,it's been proven.

What is the responses when your pupils is in a dark room?

They become bigger and widder

Does adderall make your pupils big or small?

Adderall makes your pupils extremely dilated (bigger), especially on higher doses.

Why does your pupils get smaller then it gets bigger repeatedly?

When it gets dark, your pupils grow big. When the light is on, your pupils grow smaller. Why this answer? Here's a good explanation. It all depends on light and how much of it there is.

When you like someone do your pupils get bigger?

The answer is: Yes, but only i you're attracted to them.

If a boy stares into your eyes and his pupil gets bigger what does that mean?

pupils will only get bigger if your in a dark room, if his eyes get bigger, hes checking you out