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Yes zebras do live in savannas because zebras live in grasslands and a savannas are a type of grasslands

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Which biomes do lions and zebras live in?

Lions live in savannas of Africa and Asia, zebras live in savannas of Africa.

Do zebras live in the forest?

No, zebras do not live in forests. They are generally found in savannas and areas with low brush on the ground.

Where do common zebras live?

common zebras live in eastern part of Africa. mostly in grasslands, savannas, scrubs, or near a waterhole. they are usually found in open or wide plains.

Do zebras live in the tropical rainforest?

Zebras are adapted to generally open terrain, fromplains and savannas, to mountains. However they are generally absent from deserts, dense rainforests and permanent wetlands.

What eats savannas grass?

zebras, antelopes,and animals like that

Do bears live in savannas?

No,bears do not live in savannas

Does a black rhino live in the savannas?

Yes, it does live in the savannas.

What is the zebras environment like?

Zebras are found in the savannas of east Africa. Some can also be found in mountains in southwestern Africa.

When do zebras become active in savannas?

They would never become active in savanna

How long does zebras sleep?

what country do zebras live in? where do zebras live?

Where exactly do zebras live?

zebras live in africa

Do zebras live in a forest?

No, zebras live in the savanah

Do zebras live in rainforests?

Zebras live on grasslands.

Do zebras live on their own?

Zebras live in herds.

Do zebras live in a jungle?

zebras do not live in a jungle, they live in the savanah

Do monkeys live in savannas?

Yes. There is a monkey named the green monkey that live in savannas. (Remember this monkey is not actually green!) Baboons in Africa also prefer to live in savannas as well.

What are ten common organisms found in savannas?

ten common organisms found in savannas are:bisonantelopeszebrasrhinocerosgiraffeskangaroosbushesgrassshrubsrabbits

Where the zebras live?

Zebras live on the open plains of the Serengeti.

What do antelope live?

They live in savannas and grasslands.

Is Jaguar a predator of zebras?

No. Jaguars are not found in Africa where zebras live and there are no zebras in the Americas, where jaguars live.

Where do zebras lives?

Zebras are can be a wild animal if they don't belong to a zoo, so zebras live in the wild. Places such as Africa are where zebras live

How long do zebras live in the wild?

zebras can live for about 30 years

Do zebras live in forests?

Zebras live mainly on the Savannah and grassslands.

Do zebras live in deserts?

No, most zebras live grasslands and woodlands

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