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Q: Does Homer the Greek poet have any siblings?
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Does Homer have any qoutes?

Which Homer do you refer to? Homer, greek poet, is quoted with saying "The will of Zeus is accomplished" Homer Simpson said "D'oh"

Does Homer have any siblings?

He only got half siblings who is Herbert Powell

Does Homer Simpson have any siblings?

He only got half siblings who is Herbert Powell

What was the poet Homer's childhood like?

No one has any idea. We know he was blind though.

Who were Homer's parents?

That information is lost to history.. Almost nothing is known of the ancient Greek poet, Homer. One source names Homer's parents as Telemachus and Epikaste of Ithaca. but other sources give other names and places of origin. It is unlikely that the names of his parents will ever be known with any sort of certainty.

Why should people learn about Homer the greek?

Because without HOMER the greek Brad Pitt wouldn't had what to play in with long hair!Any ideas?YES...TROY!Homer wrote ''Odyssey'' and ''The Iliad'' 2 amazing epics.

Did Demeter the greek god have any siblings?

His siblings were Hades, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, and Zeus

Did Artemis have any relationship with Ares the Greek God?

They were half siblings.

Was Skyler a Greek Goddess?

No. There is no mention of any Grecian deity by that name in Aesop, Homer, or in the later works of Ovid.

Who are Persephone's siblings?

According to legend, the Greek goddess Persephone does not have any siblings. Her mother, Demeter, and her father, Zeus, only had one child together.

Does the Greek god Hermes have any siblings?

Yes, all other sons And daughters of Zeus.

Why does Greek poet Homer evoke sympathy for Hektor who is an enemy Trojan?

Various reasons: a) the concepts of Greek pride, identity, or even unity (panhellenism) are far later than the original writing of the piece, hence Homer will not be impressed by later anti-barbarian propaganda b) Homer repeatedly takes a seemingly-impartial stand. He seems to treat the Greeks and Trojans on an almost level scale of respect and a very balanced view of both is given. Therefore Hektor is not actually 'an enemy' but just another character in this epic war who suffers his fate, evoking sympathy from any human being. c) one should not assume Homer is one author or entirely 'Greek' in that very vague sense of the word (again, because that concept of 'Greekness' did not exist yet)

Did the Greek warrior Achillies from Thessaly have any important siblings?

yes mr.ball sack and i am loving you sister

Who are greek god Hebe siblings?

Hebe is the Greek goddess of Youth. A daughter of Hera and Zeus, her siblings include: Ares, Enyo, Eileithyia, Hephaestus, and Typhon. She is half sister to any son or daughter of Zeus by his affairs.

Does Charybdis from Greek mythology have any siblings?

As a daughter of Gaia, she could count the Titans, Cyclopes and Hecatonchires among her siblings. As a daughter of Poseidon, her siblings count in the hundreds and are too many to name here.

How did Aphrodite dress?

In any way that was found appealing to a ancient artist or poet to describe or detail, she had no official dress code in Greek mythology.

Did goddess ossa have any sybolings?

Ossa goddess of rumor in Greek myth, was daughter of Elpis (Hope) and so had no siblings; Ossa is also called a daughter of Gaia, and if so had many siblings.

Did spartacus have any siblings?

he had no siblings

Does the Greek goddess Athena have any siblings?

No she does not have any siblings. She has hundreds of half siblings, though, because her father was Zues and he was famous for his affairs with mortals, producing thousands of demigods (half gods). His wife, Hera, wasn't too pleased with this, as she was the goddess of Family and Happy Marriage, the second one which she obviously didn't have.

Did Beru Whitesun have any siblings?

no not any siblings

Did Henry VII have any siblings?

no he did not have any siblings

Does kadeem hardison have any siblings?

He does not have any siblings.

Does frank iero have any siblings?

nope he doesn't have any siblings

Does bob seger have any siblings?

any siblings

Did Donatello have any siblings?

Donatello did not have any siblings