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No. There is no such thing as a non negotiable car price. Some "no haggle" dealers would like you to think that, but as soon as you turn around to walk out the door, the haggle begins.

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When buying a home does fixed price mean sold as seen?

It means the price is non-negotiable.

What does it mean if you buy in gross?

Buying in gross means buying in bulk. This is buying things in a large number, which makes the price cheaper.

What type of bond is a EE?

The EE bond is a nonnegotiable security against the credit of the U.S. Treasury--nonnegotiable because once it is purchased, it cannot be resold to anyone else, but may be sold back only to the government at a fixed price.

What is the diffference between retailing and whole selling?

retailing means buying in bulk from the wholesellers and selling in smaller quantities to the consumers while wholeselling means buying goods from the producers and selling in bulk at a higher price to the retailers

Price list of Boeing airplanes?

Depends who is buying them and how many they are buying.

What does it mean when you are buying a house AS IS does that mean you cant negotiate a lower price?

If you're buying something 'AS IS' that means that the previous owner is not liable for any problems with it or that may arise, whether they have informed you of the problem or not.

What does stocks on margin mean?

05/08/08 Buying on margin means that you are buying your stocks with borrowed money_______________________________________________________________It means that you've borrowed money to finance your stock purchase. This is very risky and may lead to a margin call if the share price declines.

What does it mean to flip in runescape?

It means to try to get a profit, by buying some item, and trying to sell it again soon, for a slightly higher price.

What does it mean when it says price subject to purchasing?

It means when you purchase an item you need to buy whatever it says. So if it says " Price subject to £20 top up " When your buying a mobile you need to purchase £20.

What is the price 2 doves?

Depends on which country you are buying them in.

Give you the meaning of wise buying?

research the buying- the product, how much money you have, the product's price, etc.

What does it mean to buy to cover a stock?

If you are buying to cover a stock, it means that you have sold short the stock (borrowed the stock and then sold it in the expectation of the stock price dropping).

What does original price means?

original price means not plus tax just regular price

What is abp rating for coins?

It is the average buying price for a coin.

What is crossing the bid ask spread?

Selling at a price equal to or lower than the bid price or buying at a price equal to or higher than the ask price.

Ferrari cars price in india?

Ferrari Cars in India have a buying price of around Rs 2,20,00000.

What is the price ranges of the Cadillac 2010?

Price ranges of the 2010 Cadillac depend on if you are buying used or new and what model of the 2010 Cadillac you are buying. You can expect to pay between $10,000 and $20,000.

What is the average price when buying turkey fryers?

The average price when buying turkey fryers are about $200. However, on the online site Amazon, they sell turkey fryers discounted which are about $110 each.

What is 15 percent off 234?

15% of 234 = 0.15 x 234 --- of means multiply, but change % to a decimal 15% off ( as in buying something) means after doing the above step that you subtract that answer from 234 to get the discounted price.

What does the price type mean when buying stocks?

Price type, or order type determine the price and execution of your order to buy or sell a security.

What is reg price?

reg price it means = registry price

How did buying on margin work?

Buying on margin- they paid a small part of a stock's price as a down payment and borrowed the rest.

When buying a business what does PRICE plus PE plus SAV mean?

SAV means Stock at Valuation. So when the business is brought it is the value of the stock on hand at the time of settlement.

What is the price of rice?

Very low. Depends on where you are and what type of rice. Buying in bulk means each grain is cheaper but only good if you can eat it all before it goes bad.

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