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Does 1987 B2200 carburetor has a mechanical or an electric fuel pump...would you be able to converted to electric if it's mechanical...how?

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2008-03-28 00:21:34

1987 b2200 have a mech. fuel pump ( some later model got both)

you can switch to electric by using an early 80's Accord and

Prelude fuel pump. Pump got 2-3 psi and a lot of gallon/hour fuel

delivery to maintain your b2200 in life. The got only 2 wires (a

positive and a ground) bolt your electric pump on your firewall

near the intake manifold and screw the ground direct to chassis. To

activate the positive wire plug it to a turn on power in the fuse

box(when you turn key on current goes on and when you turn off the

current goes off) Do the last step with a test-light. ENJOY and

good luck

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