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Yes, it is Fuel Injected. the throttle body (TBI). TBI = Throttle Body Injection - Looks like a carburetor with a squirt gun pointing down through it.

Visit an online parts website ( ,, etc..) that has online parts shopping and enter your vehicle specifics. Once entered, look for "injector" or "fuel injector". A carbureted model will not have these parts and will not be found if all information is entered correctly.

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Q: Does 1988 Chevrolet truck with 350 have fuel injection?
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Where is the fuel shut off reset on an 1988 Chevy truck?

Chevrolet doesn't have a fuel reset switch. That's a Ford thing.

What kind of fuel injection does a 1991 Chevrolet caprice have?

TBI or Throttle Body Injection

What are the specifications of the Chevrolet Aveo5 car?

The specifications of the Chevrolet Aveo5 car are: multi-point fuel injection, four cylinder fuel injection, uses unleaded gas, and a 12 gallon fuel tank.

What is MFI in Chevrolet Vehicles?

Multi-port Fuel Injection

When did Chevrolet put fuel injection on the 350 engine?


Does a 1988 jeep wrangler have fuel injection?


How hard is it to replace fuel pump on 2000chevrolet truck?

how is it to replace fuel pump on 2000 Chevrolet truck

Where is the fuel pump location on 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity?

The fuel pump on your 1988 Chevy Celebrity is in the fuel tank.

What was first fuel injected American car?

Chevrolet and Ford introduced fuel injection in 1957.

Where is the fuel pump shut off switch located on an 1988 c 30?

If you are looking for an inertia switch on a Chevrolet C30 truck, there isn't one. Chevrolet does not use reset switches.

When did the Camaro switch to fuel injection?

Chevy swtitched some of Camaros to fuel injection in the mid 1980's. By 1988 every Camaro engine came with Fuel injection.

Does a 1998 Chevy s10 truck have fuel injection?


Why do you have no pressure in the fuel injection in your Chevy S10 pickup truck?

The fuel pump is kaput.

What does the block casting number 14094766 mean?

This means that it is a 305 from a 86-95 Chevrolet car or truck. These engines were one of the first form of V8 Fuel injection that Chevy produced. It was called TBI or throttle body injection.

Where is the fuel pump on your 2500 Chevrolet truck?

That is an electric fuel pump and it is inside of the fuel tank.

Did 1986 Chevy truck have fuel injection?

no it had a computer controled quadajet

Would a 1988 ford 460 engine have fuel injection?

Yes, it is fuel injected.

Where is the fuel pump in 1988 Vandura 2500 with throttle body injection?

in the fuel tank.

1997 Chevrolet ck1500 truck fuel pump pressure?

The typical fuel pump pressure for a 1997 Chevrolet CK 1500 truck is 50 psi. The high pressure is required to atomize the fuel when it leaves the injectors.

Does a 1998 Chevrolet s10 blazer have fuel injection?

It is not port injection.I believe the fuel is injected into a throttle bottle.

Is a 1988 Chevy silverado 1500 fuel injected?

Yes it is. 1988 and above should all be fuel injection. The 1988 is a throtle body setup. Somewhat looks like a carb. Yes it is. 1988 and above should all be fuel injection. The 1988 is a throtle body setup. Somewhat looks like a carb.

Where is the fuel pump located in your 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

On all models of Chevrolet Celebrity with fuel injection the fuel pump is inside the fuel tank.

How do I tell if my 1988 Toyota pickup model RN501 KRA has fuel injection?

It is Fuel Injected.

Where is the fuel filter on the 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe?

under neath the truck

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1996 Chevrolet 1500 truck?

do you have TBI ?