50 Cent (rapper)

Does 50 Cent drink?

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Did 50 cent sell more albums than Kanye West?

No, kanye out sold 50 cent. But 50 cent is richer than Kanye due to his energy drink Vitiman Water , which was sold To Pepsi for $100,000,000 + benifits.

Did Ciara do it with 50 cent?

yes ciara and 50 cent did do it but then 50 cent left her

What games are made by 50 cent?

50 cent bullet proof g unit edition 50 cent bulletproof and 50 cent blood on the sand

Who is richer TI or 50'cent?

who is richer 50'cent or T.I

Does fifty cent own vitamin water?

No, rapper 50 Cent does not own Vitamin Water. However, he was definitely endorsed it over the years. They even created a drink in his honor named Formula 50.

Is 50 cent haitain?

50 cent is not haitain.

Birdman and 50 cent who is the richest?

50 cent

Who is stronger Eminem or 50 Cent?

50 cent

Is 50 cent a drummer?

50 Cent is a rapper.

What is the value of 50 cent euro?

50 cent

Is 50 Cent a wanabe?

No, 50 Cent is already successful.

Who is richer 50 cent or Dr Dre?

50 cent

Who is 50 Cent dating?

50 CENT is dating Ciara.

Where do 50 cent live?

50 Cent lives in Connecticut.

Who is richer Michael Jordan or 50 cent?

50 cent

Who is richer 50 cent or Snoop Dogg?

50 cent

Who is richer 50 cent and P Diddy?


Has 50 cent got a wife?

50 cent does have a wife

Who is a better rapper 50 Cent or Eminem?

50 Cent is!!

Is 50 cent a singer?

50 Cent is a famous rapper.

Do 50 cent have a daughter?

No 50 cent only has a son

Who has more money t.i or 50 cent?

50 cent

Who worth more 50 cent or Will Smith?

50 Cent ((:

Is rapper 50 cent dead?

No, 50 Cent is alive...

Who is more famous Shrek or 50 Cent?

50 Cent

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