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needs front wheels balanced, tires inspected, front end parts inspected

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Q: Does Acura Nsx steering wheel shake badly when driving over 70 mph?
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Steering wheel shakes when driving?

Many things can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are driving. However, the most common cause of steering wheel shaking is a bent wheel.

Why causes your Honda Odyssey steering wheel to shake while driving on the highway?

Wheels are out of balance

Why does the steering wheel shake while im driving?

lose bolt no seriously its probly your alinement is off

Steering starts to shake when your driving on a freeway and when you applied brake?

sounds like warped or worn rotors to me

What causes a car steering wheel to shake when driving at 30 mph?

i would really like to know myself

Why would the steering wheel on your car shake?

If it happens when you are driving fast (60-70 MPH) it could be that your wheels are out of alignment.

Why does the 03 Honda Odyssey steering wheel shake while driving at speed 30mph?

shifted or broken belt in the tires

What makes a steering wheel shake?

What make the steering wheel shake is the tires that need wheel balance.

What would cause a 2007 wrangler unlimited to shake badly when you hit a bump over 40 mph?

Failed steering stabilizer shock, loose tie rod, bent steering component, slipped belt in a tire, etc.

What causes the front end to vibrate or shake or bounce when driving?

Worn steering parts, worn suspension parts, tires out of balance, out of alignment,

Does a steering wheel shake damage the vehicle?

Not the steering wheel shake itself, however what is causing the steering wheel shake, can certainly be extremely dangerous and potentially cause you to lose control of the vehicle. **GET IT CHECKED OUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS**

Why the front tires of the jeep shake out control while driving?

Tires out of balance, bent wheel, worn suspension or steering parts, bent driveshaft.

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