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Does Anti-Semitism mean discrimination against Jews?

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YES. The definition and intended meaning of Anti-Semitism

is discrimination against Jews. The term SPECIFICALLY refers to

discrimination against Jews and does not apply to any other

religion, ethnic group, or racial group.

Are Arabs Counted Debate:

There is a minority of people who wish to confuse the term with

its linguistic origins. Semites are people of the Middle East

including both Jews and Arabs. Therefore, these individuals will

use their modified definition of Anti-Semitism to claim that Arabs

cannot be Anti-Semitic since they are Semites.

This fails on three counts.

  1. When the term was coined in 19th century Germany, it was

    specifically being applied to hatred of Jews. The first openly

    Anti-Semitic writers had nothing to say about Arabs and were openly

    disparaging about Jews. Anti-Semites continue to hold these views

    as well. The term has not expanded nor have the mainstream of

    academics viewed such an expansion proper.

  2. Just because a person is of a group, does not mean that the

    individual cannot be self-hating. There have been Whites who were

    ashamed of their racial history and written quite strongly against

    their own race. This is aside from the fact that they are a part of

    this group. Many religious groups have excommunicated or chastised

    members of their supposed faith for particular views that they

    disagree with, but this does not remove the religiosity of those

    individuals because of such criticism.

  3. This fails to acknowledge that Jews and Arabs (even in the

    Middle East prior to Zionism) saw each other as separate groups and

    there was negative sentiment between them. No one makes the absurd

    assumption that Koreans and Chinese cannot be Anti-Japanese since

    they are both East Asian Races.

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