Does Argentina have volcanoes?


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Yes, the country of Argentina has volcanoes. There are a total of 35 volcanoes in Argentina, some of which are active and some that are extinct.

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The landscape of Argentina is a combination of mountains, hills, volcanoes, steppes, and glacial regions. The country also features many lakes, rivers, glaciers, and old growth forests.

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Not necessarily. Shield volcanoes are volcanoes, but not all volcanoes are shield volcanoes.

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Cinder volcanoes, composite volcanoes, frision volcanoes, and cinder cone volcanoes.

Three types of volcanoes are Cinder Cone Volcanoes, Shield Volcanoes and Composite Volcanoes.

There are over 3,000 volcanoes active in the world today.Types Of Volcanoes:Composite Volcanoes.Shield Volcanoes.Cinder Volcanoes.Spatter Cones.Complex Volcanoes.Mud Volcanoes.Strato volcanoes.Cryptodomes Volcanoes.Supervolcanoes.Submarine Volcanoes.Subglacial volcanoes.Lava domes Volcanoes.Fissure vents (not really a volcano only a vent inside a volcano where the magma/lava appear's out.

The three types or classifications of volcanoes is Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes.

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. Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes .

No, volcanoes do not need lava to be volcanoes.

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The three common types of volcanoes are composite volcanoes, cinder cone volcanoes, and shield volcanoes.

There are three types of volcanoes, shield volcanoes, composite volcanoes, and cinder cone volcanoes. Composite volcanoes contain the highest viscosity making them the most explosive volcanoes.

no,underwater volcanoes are smaller then volcanoes on land.

there are three and they are Active Volcanoes, Dormant Volcanoes, and Extinct Volcanoes.

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There are three different types of volcanoes. The types of volcanoes are shield volcanoes, dome volcanoes, and also composite volcanoes.

Underground volcanoes don't erupt as much as aboveground volcanoes and some of the volcanoes are extinct.

composite volcanoes and shield volcanoes

1. Shield Volcanoes 2. Composite Volcanoes 3. Cinder Cone Volcanoes

I really need to know what are the three main types of volcanoes??? A:the three main types of volcanoes are: active volcanoes dormant volcanoes extinct volcanoes -shiv kumar.v

Strato volcanoes are vocanoes with pointy tips.

because they are volcanoes, all volcanoes erupt

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