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Arizona has one of the best Basketball teams in the nation, and are highly under rated. They also have a 138-73 lead over Arizona state in mens basketball

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Q: Does Arizona have a better basketball program than Arizona State?
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What are the basketball records for the University of Arizona and Arizona State University?

The University of Arizona has 138 basketball victories, and Arizona State University has 78 basketball victories.

Are the Arizona State Sun Devils a basketball or football team?

Arizona State University has both a basketball and a football team.

Who is better university of Arizona or Arizona state university?

University of Arizona is better. #BearDown

Where did Taylor allan play college basketball?

Arizona State

Has Arizona state University ever won a mens basketball championship?


Has Arizona State University been in final four basketball?

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Is Michigan or Michigan state better?

Michigan State has won the Paul Bunyan trophy 4 years in a row. Michigan's basketball program is nowhere near MSU's level.

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What is the state sport of Arizona?

Well let's see, theres the Arizona Cardinals(Football), Arizona Diamondbacks(Baseball), Phoenix Suns(Basketball), and the Phoenix Coyotes(Hockey), so you decide!

What is the worst NCAA Division 1 college basketball program in history?

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