Does Bi-lo sell Virginia ham?

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What food is representative of Virginia?

Ham-a Virginia ham is a salt cured ham. It is very good.

What is the slogan for BILO?

When you BiLo you get more BiLo

What is a famous food in Virginia?

A virginia Ham!

Is ham pie Virginia a dessert or dinner?

ham pie virginia is a dinner pastery or aka appetizer

Where can you buy or find West Virginia brand ham?

West Virginia Brand ham is now owned by Sara Lee and is marketed as Hillshire Farms ham.

What state produces the most ham?

The state that produces the most ham is Virginia. The state of Virginia is known for their Smithfield Hams.

What are famous recipes in Virginia?

One of them is Virginia Ham with Redeye Gravy.

What are popular foods in Virginia?

Baked ham

What food is famous in Virginia?

Smithfield Ham.

Is Virginia brand ham good for you?

hell no

What is the difference between honey ham and Virginia ham?

Virginia ham or Smithfield hams go through and aging process and must be grown and produced in or around Smithfield Virginia, to be sold and called Virginia ham. It is a dark red meat that comes from a hog that is fed corn and peanuts, when butchered the ham is cured with hickory smoke.Honey hams or honey cured hams must have honey at least 50% of the sweetener.Please see related link below!

What foods are representative of Virginia?

It is the Country Ham. It is delicious.

What is made in Virginia?

Computer chips and Smithfield Ham.

Where can you buy a Kentucky Legend ham in Virginia?


What Virginia community for which a country-cured ham is named bills itself as the Ham Capital of the World?


What type of meat is produced a lot in Virginia?

The Smithfield Ham.

What does Virginia manufacture or produce that is well known?

The Smithfield Ham.

What is the proper adjective for Virginia?

Virginian is the proper adjective for Virginia.

How old is Kate bilo?


How many calories in 2.5 oz of baked ham?

It depends on the type of ham and how it was baked. Here is an example. There are approximately 88 calories in 2. 5 oz of fresh baked Virginia ham.

What is Virginia's big producer of a type of meat?

Virginia is a big producer of ham.

Can you grow marijuana in Virginia for sell?


Is it a good idea to sell ham sandwiches in a shop?

Depending on the circumstances, such as the type of shop you are referring to, selling ham sandwiches could be profitable.

Is it illegal to sell baby turtles in Virginia?

yes it is illegal to sell turtles in virginia with a shell size smaller than 5" across.

What are the Chief Exports of Virginia?

Farming ( tobacco, peanuts, corn, sweet potatoes, poultry, ham)