Does Bowflex Home Gym really work?

To answer your question, I would have to say "yes."

When I first bought the BowFlex several years ago (this was back in 2003), I was really excited, and got right into working out and getting into shape. I went on a strict diet, running over 30 mins a day (at least 2.5 miles), and eating right. I was therefore able to see great results with the BowFlew. After a while, I maybe got bored though, and even lazy (especially when consumed with other affairs and responsibilities). But I am now back to wanting to get in shape. A serious diet, and commitment, will surely help; and as such, the BowFlew will surely prove to be a great tool to reach my goal.

SO IN SHORT: the BowFlex alone isn't enough! ALTHOUGH the tool does help, you have to do the work and watch what you eat.