Does Buffy off of Buffy and the vampire slayer find out angel and cordelia love each other?

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Buffy doesn't find out that angel and cordelia love each other in the tv series, and so far she hasn't found out in the comic series either.

No, she never knew(I really don't think he wants to tell her that, really), however I 'm sure if she does, Buffy will be hurt, jealous, and slightly pissed but not much(Cordelia is dead, after all).
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Buffy the vampire slayer will there be a moive?

There already is a movie. It's called "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and it tells the story of her finding out shes the slayer and shows her burning down her school gym. It came out in 1992 and the series started in 1997.

Do you like Angel in Buffy the vampire slayer?

This question is an opinion is yes. If you say.... No- You may not like him because you may like more bad men. Angel is cursed with a soul, therefor he is good. Yes- He is kind, sweet, and

What episodes of Buffy the vampire slayer are angel in?

Angel has appeared in 57 episodes of BTVS. For the first three seasons, . -Pangs . -The Yoko Factor . Season Five; . -Fool For Love . -Forever . Season Seven: . -End of Days . -Chosen . Other Info: . David Boreanaz's 50th appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is in the episode. . Graduat ( Full Answer )

Does Angel Hurt Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Angel only hurts Buffy when he loses his soul. This only happens once in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, after Buffy and Angel sleep together which makes Angel have one moment of true happiness which breaks the curse. Willow curses Angel again in the season final of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season two. Bu ( Full Answer )

Does angel from Buffy the vampire slayer die?

No...He moved on to his own show.... Yes. Buffy kills him and sends him to hell in the end of season 2, (Becoming Part II). He returns the next season.

Does Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer fall in love with a vampire?

Buffy does fall in love with a vampire, his name is Angel. However if they sleep together it brings happiness to Angel, if Angel becomes happy he becomes Angelus a powerful, evil vampire. In series 5 Buffy and another vampire called Spike fall in love. Spike admits his love for Buffy, but Buffy ( Full Answer )

On Buffy the vampire slayer does Buffy ever see angel again?

In BTVS yes Buffy does see Amgel again. After he leaves for LA in the Season 3 finale... we first see him in season 4 for two episodes pangs and the yoko factor but Buffy unfortuatly doesnt... next season we see him in Forever as he comes to Buffy's aid when Joyce passes away....the last and final e ( Full Answer )

On Buffy the vampire slayer what is angels real name?

As a human, Angel was born in 1753 in Gallaway, Ireland. His birth name was Liam. His surname is never mentioned. After he is turned by Darla, his little sister invites him back into their home, calling him "Angelus" because she assumes he has come back from the dead. Years later, in 1898 after bein ( Full Answer )

Buffy the vampire slayer spike and Buffy?

Buffy the Vampire slayer and Spike did get together prodometly in season 6. In season 5 Spike developed his crush on Buffy but she did not go for him at all but in season six in her depressed state they started sleeping together which meant a lot to spike but to Buffy it was a pure physical thing. A ( Full Answer )

What happens to angel on Buffy the vampire slayer?

Angel leaves and goes to L.A (he then has his own spin-off series called Angel) Then Cordelia joins him later and they open a company called Angel Investigations. Wesley also joins them later on and joins there company.

Are Buffy and Kendra the living slayers on Buffy the vampire slayer?

Spoiler Alert Buffy was killed by the master in episode 12 of season 1... by drowning.... so Kendra was called, but Buffy was then revived by Xander... then Kendra died, which caused Faith to be called... so at the end of season 7 Faith and buffy, along with every potential in the world are call ( Full Answer )

Does Buffy die in Buffy the vampire slayer?

Yes, Buffy dies twice in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She dies first in season one when the master drinks from her and she drowns, but Xander manages to bring her back. Then she dies once more in the season five finale when she sacrifices herself for the benefit of the world and for her little sister, ( Full Answer )

In Buffy the vampire slayer why don't Buffy and angel end up together?

It's really complicated as most relationships are but pretty much because if Angel was ever to experience complete 'happiness' the curse that gives him his soul would break and he would become the menacing vampire he once was. Which of course happened in Buffy. But it is also because he can't give h ( Full Answer )

Shows like Buffy the vampire slayer with the relationship where the two who fall in love hate each other like the Buffy angelus relationship?

Charmed: Pheobe/Cole (This is probably one of the closest relationships to the Buffy/Angel thing) True Blood: Sookie/Bill - Sookie/Eric (This is a more recent development) Moonlight: Mick/Beth (This is a bit of a love-resentment relationship). Veronica Mars: Veronica/Logan (This is also a l ( Full Answer )

In Buffy the vampire slayer when does Buffy find out she's the chosen one?

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer begins in season one, Buffy is sixteen and has already accepted she is the Slayer, which caused her to be expelled from her school in LA and sent to Sunnydale (she burned down a gym full of vampires, but of course the school thought she'd just burned it down for no reas ( Full Answer )

Who is Dahlia out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

She was a woman who was dying hundreds of years ago. She was turnedby the Master and then she turned Angel. She died in 1997, killedby Angel; but was ressurrected in 2000 by Wolfram & Hart. Shefell pregnant with Angel's baby and ended up killing herself tosave her baby.

How did Spike fall in love with Buffy in Buffy he vampire slayer?

well to put it in simple form, spike started having dreams about Buffy,but not ordinary dreams i mean real hot dreams and then he started being nice to her and started falling in love with her for real and then Buffy started falling in love with him and blah, blah,blah...... and then they event ( Full Answer )

What episode does Buffy the vampire slayer kiss angel as a vampire?

Season 1, Episode 7 :Angel... That's when Buffy first discovers he is a vampire... He turns when they are kissing. ~Soccerrae Actually they don't kiss WHEN he's a vampire in that episode. He pulls away as he turns. In Season 2 Episode 9 What's my line part 1, Buffy kisses Angel as a vampire on th ( Full Answer )

Who played Kathy on Angel the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff?

Assuming you mean Liam's younger sister, Kathy, she appeared briefly in the episode "The Prodigal" in flashbacks; unfortunately, I have never seen her credited with the role, neither in the TV credits, DVD credits, or on IMDB.

What is better Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel?

This is only up to ones own personal preferences. I could tell you that Angel is way better. You might agree, but then again, you might not. If you are easily influenced by other peoples opinion, then anything I say would be true.

Where can you find a Buffy the vampire slayer game?

If your looking for a Buffy video game, there are two older games that are for the original xbox. the first is called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the second is called Chaos Bleeds. If your lucky you can find them used at your local gamestop, and if not then my advice would be to get them on ebay. ( Full Answer )

Who is Buffy in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series?

If you mean IN Buffy the vampire slayer series she is a teenage girl who is a vampire slayer who slays vampires. its her job and it like a really good show so you should watch it

What episode does Buffy kill angel on Buffy the vampire slayer?

She kills him, albeit temporarily because he comes back in the next season, in the Season Two finale, "Becoming, Part II." That's season 2 episode 22, BTW. =) Go Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Enjoy this episode, even though it might make you cry ;)

Did Buffy and angel get married in the show Buffy the vampire slayer?

No, Angel had a dream about them getting married and Buffy burning in the sun in season 3 episode 10 ' the prom' but angel leaves and gets his own spin-off called Angel about him and Cordelia starting a supernatural crime fighting business called Angel investigations.

How many times do Angel and Buffy kiss in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Too many times to count. Even after Buffy Season 3, pretty much every time they see each(with the exceptions of Sancturary and The Yoko Factor )they would end up kissing or have heated makeout sessions every time! Its not that I hate B/A, I actually love it, but its just so hilarious! I bet that ( Full Answer )

Who does Angel truly love Darla Buffy or Cordelia?

A long time ago he loved darla and darla made him a vampire. Then he met bufy and he loved her but then on buffy's graduation day he left for la where he fell inlove with cordelia. Buffy went to see angel but nothing happened. He only truly loves Buffy and Cordelia.

Who does Angel truely love Buffy Cordelia or Darla?

This really isn't a hard question to answer. Out of these three love interests, Buffy is obviously the one he truly loves the most. Not that he didn't love the other two, of course, because he did love them as well. Angel did love Darla but it stemmed from sympathy, understanding, and all the histor ( Full Answer )

How does angel turn back good in Buffy the vampire slayer?

Angel regain's his soul, but buffy must kill him to close a portal. He then later returns, but he is animal-like because hes spent years in a demon demention. After being back a while, and with the help of buffy, he is good once again.

Why was cordelia chase from Buffy the vampire slayer in a coma?

Cordelia was never in a coma while on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is in the hospital once because she fell and a metal bar went through her abdomin, but she simply suffered from blood lost. However, in the spin-off 'Angel' she does fall into a coma at one point.

What is spikes last name off Buffy the vampire slayer?

Spike doesn't have a last name. His pre-vampire name was William, but I'm not sure if they ever say what his last name is. In both forms, he has been referred to as William the Bloody.

Who was Cordelia in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Cordelia was basically what the majority of people today would call a witch. Played by Charisma Carpenter, she was a force of good in a horribly evil world. Not only did she have a decent part in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, but also was a huge player in the spin-off, Angel.