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No. CH4 has a very low boiling point of about -162 degrees C.

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Due to H bonds NH3 has high boiling point.CH4 has weak London forces

Methane (CH4) is a gas; the boiling point is at -164 0C.

No, propane does not have a high boiling point since it exists as a gas at room temperature. It has a boiling point of -42.09oC.

The boiling point of mercury is 356,73 0C, a temperature not so high.

The electronic bond is strong on a high boiling point causing the water to have a high boiling point. The temperature has to get warmer to break the bond. The higher the electronic strength, the higher the temperature has to break the bond.

CH3Br has a higher boiling point.

NH3 is heavier then CH4, and NH3 has hydrogen bonding.

No. That raises the temperature too high.

Yes, at high altitude the boiling point is lower.

Effects on microorganisms In boiling, the microbes can't live at a high temperature,so they dies.

CH3OH has the highest boiling point of the three.

This is carbon tetrachloride with the boiling point +76,72 oC.

CH4 is methane, a gaseous compound at room temperature

Depending on if it Is liquid and temperature

Iron trichloride is decomposed at high temperature.

No. Chlorine has a very low boiling point considering that it is a gas at room temperature.

SiH4. since it's mass is larger then CH4, London constraints are stronger.

How high is high? The boiling temperature depends on the pressure of the atmosphere above the liquid. The higher you go the lower is the atmospheric pressure, and so the boiling temperature. Methanol boils at 64.7°C (148.4°F) at 760mmHg, about sea level.

At high temperature the paint is thermally decomposed.

it has such a high boiling point because the electronic bond is so strong on it, the temperature has to get hotter to break the bond. the high the electionic strength the higher the temp has to be to break it

Metahne does not have a higher boiling point than methane. Fluoromethane, CH3F, has a boiling point of 195K, -78.2C, methane, CH4, has a boiling point of 109K approx -164 C. I make that fluoromethane has a higher temeprature boiling point than methane. This is what you would expect, London dispersion forces will be greater in CH3F as it has more electrons than CH4. CH3F is polar and there will be dipole dipole interactions which will not be present in CH4.

Boiling occurs when the vapour pressure becomes equal to the external pressure while evaporation is the escape of molecules from the surface. Bubbles appear in boiling while not in evaporation. Temperature does not effect the rate of boiling while evaporation is fast at high temperature and slow at low temperature.