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CH4's melting point is -182 C. In the context of the usual type of question about melting points, CH4 has a very low melting point because the attractions between CH4 molecules are very weak.

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That depends on the solid: ice has a very low melting point, lard and butter have low melting points, chocolate has a relatively low melting point, wax has an intermediate melting point, lead has a high melting point, iron has a very high melting point, tungsten has an extremely high melting point.

It depends on the metal. Steel has high melting point. Lead has a low melting point.

Bromine has a very low melting point.

low resistivity and low melting point.

Low or high melting point, this depends only on your appreciation.

The melting point of technetium is 2 157 0C- it is not low.

Melting point of methane, CH4, (at standard pressure) is -187 °C (86 K, -305 °F)

water has a relatively low melting and boiling point

Polonium has a low melting point: 254 0C.

No, platinum has a high melting point. Its melting point is 1,772°C

Tin has a relatively low melting point, at 231.93oC, or 449.47oF.

low melting point, it is a gas at room temperature....

low melting point because its only plastic.

That will depend on what you are considering melting.Some examples are:The melting point of methane (CH4) is -187 CelsiusThe melting point of silver is 962 CelsiusThe melting point of tin is 231.9 degrees CelsiusThe melting point of chlorine is -100.9 CelsiusThe melting point of gold is 1064.18 CelsiusThe melting point of candle wax is 37 CelsiusThe melting point of aspirin is 135 Celsiusetc.

Oxygen's melting point is extremely low.

The melting point of zinc is 419,53 0C.

No, this is a low melting point.

it has a medium melting point this means that its not really high or slightly low.

No. CH4 has a very low boiling point of about -162 degrees C.

usually metals have a high melting point like iron but metals like caesium have low melting point . its 28.7 degree Celsius.

Yes salts have a low melting point. I think...

melting point is 112.8 deg C. which is pretty low when compared to others.

No, they actually have a very high melting point.

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