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The U.S. and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving. Some countries which celebrate a similar holiday include Germany, Japan, and Liberia.

No Thanksgiving is a holiday in the United States and Canada.

Most of the countries in the world do not celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving. Those that do celebrate or observe Thanksgiving are: Canada, United States, Libya, The Netherlands and Norfolk Island. It is unusual to find people in the U.S. or Canada who do not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Only America and Canada celebrate thanksgiving as it is a holiday were they celebrate the day that they Pilgrims came to America and celebrated by having a feast with some Native Americans. So only America and Canada celebrate thanksgiving.

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second monday in october.

The second Monday in October is when Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving Day.

Yes. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving as a National Holiday on the second Monday of October every year.

Only the United states and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving

Only The US and canada celebrate Thanksgiving

thanksgiving is also a legal holiday in canada .when is it

In Canada, Thanksgiving is always on the second Monday of October.

Canada and the United States are the countries that celebrate Thanksgiving.

Only America and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving.

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.

Yes, Canada, USA, Liberia and Norfolk island celebrate Thanksgiving.

In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

No only the US and Canada celebrate it.

Thanksgiving has not stopped being a holiday in the United States or Canada.

The holiday tradition is much the same for Canadians as it is for Americans. Families gather and share a meal, the day is a national holiday.

No. Thanksgiving is mainly an event in the USA and Canada.

No. Thanksgiving as a national holiday is also celebrated in Canada. There are also harvest festivals and celebrations around the world at various time of year coinciding with the yearly gathering of crops. Most are not called "Thanksgiving" yet they celebrate the same thing.

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October.

Only The US and canada celebrate Thanksgiving

It is a national holiday in America. Canada also has a Thanksgiving Day but it is not the same day as the American holiday.

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