Best Answer should make them lethargic...they were abusive before the drugs.

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Q: Does Cannabis make your partner abusive?
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Do you give your abusive partner his belongings back?

Abusive or not, "his" belongings are his property and so in the eyes of the law they must go back to him. Anyway, if you tried to keep them, wouldn't that just make him MORE abusive?

How do you reason with abusive partner?

You don't. You get away.

Why does an abusive boyfriend get mad when you allow your ex-husband to get you upset?

Because he is abusive. Partner abuse is a treatable sickness, but not always curable. Staying with an abusive partner does not help them to become a better person.

Is it good to go back to an abusive partner?

No, absolutely not.

Do abusive men go on to abuse their next partner?


How do you tell a new partner about an abusive pas?

Tell him/her a story about abusive experience then tell to him/her that you are the main subject behind that story.

Should i leave my abusive partner?

If a friend were in your situation, what would you advise?

What should you do if you threw your abusive partner out of the house but you feel worse instead of better?

Of course you're going to feel guilt or remorse. That's because you have a history with this person and a conscious. But does not mean you should let your abusive partner move back in. It is unsafe for you and for him or her. The best thing for you to do is keep your abusive partner out of the house and slowly lose contact with him or her.

Can a man from non-abusive upbringing become an abuser if abused by a partner who grew up in an abusive home with no therapy at all?

it is possible

Why does cannabis when smoked make your mouth dry?

why do cannabis make your mouth dry when you have smoked it

How do you make cannabis soda?

You take a soda and put it in a cannabis.

What is the best way to cheat on your partner?

Why would you want to cheat on your partner? Unless he is abusive or cheating on you, if he is loyal and loving there is no point.

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