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Does Cantaloupe have male and female fruit?


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No. All fruit are enlarged ovaries of the plant. the seeds are usually surrounded by the sweet flesh of the fruit. All cantaloupe are therefore a female part. flowering plants that produce fruits do have flowers with male and female parts, though.

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The female flower must be fertilised to produce fruit . Some of the flowers will be male.

cantaloupe is a muskmelon

fruit are only seeds that have no male or female parts

No, melon is a category of fruit and cantaloupe is in the melon family

Yes, cantaloupe is a natural fruit, as well as a natural resource.

cantaloupe is a 10-letter fruit that starts with Ccantaloupe

"Cantaloupe" is the American word for rockmelon.

A serving size of cantaloupe is 1 cup, so it depends on the size of the cantaloupe.

Fruit could be either male or female. You wouldn't know until the seeds of the fruit sprout into a plant. A fruit is merely a pod with seeds that are used by animals or insects to consume the fruit and disperse the seeds to germinate into a plant.

Fruit will only divelop from female parts of the flower but many plants can be both male and female.

his favorite fruit is watermelon and cantaloupe

Eggplants don't have separate male and female plants. Neither do they have separate male and female flowers. They are self-pollinating, meaning each flower has male and female parts and does not need another flower in order to produce fruit. The following link has a pic showing the difference between male and female fruit. I have grown egg plant since I was a kid 35+ years and have known the difference. the Male fruit have less seed or smaller seed and are less bitter. The female fruit has a longer marking on the end of the flower blossom end of the fruit away from the stem. The male fruit has a smaller rounded spot. Some are difficult to distinguish. If you see ones at the market with a noticable longer slit mark where the flower blossom was attached leave that fruit on the shelf. The plants produce both male and female fruit, both fruit are fine to eat, just that the male are usually less bitter.

Most Kiwi plants require a male and a female plant in order to produce fruit. Very difficult to tell a male from a female Kiwi plant.

You're talking about the fruit itself? No, there are not.

Cantelope is a melon, like a watermelon which is a fruit, so technically, cantaloupe is a fruit.

One can tell that a cantaloupe is ripe by looking at the outer rind of the fruit. If the cantaloupe is ripe, this will be orange in color. If it is not, this rind will be more green.

What fruit has the letter "L" in the middle of it? Watermelon, cantaloupe, apple.

yes - it is a type of melon and therefore not a citrus fruit

The homozygous red-eyed female fruit fly would be RR and the vermilion-eyed male fruit fly would be rr.

Fruit always sets on flowers with female parts. Pepper plants have flowers with BOTH female and male parts, but the fruit (peppers) do not have a gender. Difference in number of lobes is due to the variety of the pepper.

Yes, cantaloupe can mold. This usually happens to over-ripe fruit and typically starts at the stem end (on uncut fruit) which has more moisture that the rough peel.

because its a different type of plant and it doesn't produce fruit Answer There are two types of flowers on a squash , male and female. The female flower has a swelling behind the flower and will produce fruit, the male is on a plain stalk and can be removed.

I have cantaloupe plants that started on the ground and have then grown up a near by tree. On the cantaloupe "vine" that is growing up the tree I have actual fruiting cantaloupe. They did not grow from the tree they did however grow up the tree and then fruit. So in a sense yes cantaloupe will grown up a tree but no they do not fruit from the tree.

Because you get male plants, female plants and in some case male and female flowers produced on the same tree. Male plants will only produce male flowers, but cannot bear fruit as they have no female flowers

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