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Carrie Underwood

Does Carrie Underwood have an incredible sense of humor?


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November 07, 2007 10:05PM

Answer: I don't know much about Carrie Underwood, but I watched her being interviewed on CMT and I don't think she told any jokes or was funny, as I recall. But, in an Oct.30, 2007 Toronto Sun newspaper article she was quoted by People Magazine as saying, "If I didn't do what I do, nobody would ever look twice at me. I'm a blender and the only reason anybody, if they do think of me in that way, it's just because I do what I do. I'm okay. But I'm not, like, anything special." When I read that, I thought it's ridiculous, because I think she's really pretty. If blender means she blends in appearance with everyone else, I don't know what city or area she's talking about---she's certainly not going to blend in with everyone in my neighborhood in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada! What more could she or any guy want? She's got a pretty face, beautiful soft skin, she's a nice average height, nice hips when she's wearing tight jeans in the Jesus take the wheel video, beautiful hair. I think the only thing she doesn't have is big breasts, but so what. I'm a 47 year old guy and I think she looks sexy, and I think she's hilarious.