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Chris Brown has a brilliant bubbly personality, hes very smiley and definitely cute with it. He's very sweet and smart. He loves to make you laugh. And is always having fun.

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What is Chris Brown true personality?

Chris brown have great personality her love every body ever if they don't love him

Will Chris Brown like you?

It depends on who you are and your personality

Can Chris Brown sing?

yes! Chris Brown is a GREAT singer!

What does Chris Brown look for in a girlfriend?

personality i wont to be with u peronality

Does Chris Brown have a girl friend would he consider talking to a jamaican girl?

== == It wouldn't matter as long as the girl has a great personality and has alot of ways that he likes.

What is so good about Chris Brown?

People that like Chris Brown say that he is a great singer, dancer, and actor.

What 3 things Chris Brown likes about an girl?

her lips,her personality and how she attires herself

What is Rihanna's personality like?

She has a very kind personality. After Chris Brown caused her devestation she was bold and strong. A very brave celebrity!!!!1

Why did Chris Brown sing the song with you?

Chris Brown sang the song with you because he thought it was a great song to sing and it would be good for his album.

Where did Chris Brown get his dance moves?

the great Michael Jackson

Are chris b and ciara dating on 42507?

i think that chris brown and ciara will make a really great cople.and riahann and chris brown dose not make a go cople.

What personality do Chris Brown want in a women?

Why don't you ask Chris Brown yourself?? ... Like on twitter or facebook or something??! He would probably want a women who is similar to Rihanna!! ... That's just my opinion!!

What is the name of Chris Brown first CD?

Chris Brown Chris Brown

Can you give you information about Chris Brown?

chris brown is a great rap and r/b singer. he gives a lot of his money to charities and is very succesful.

Is Chris Brown and shannon brown brothers?

No, Chris Brown and Shannon Brown are not brothers. Chris Brown does not have any brothers.

Are Shannon Brown and Chris Brown brothers?

No because Chris Brown does not have a brother.No Shannon Brown and Chris Brown are not brothers.

Who sells more records Chris Brown or rihanna?

chris brown chris brown

What is Chris Brown?

the question is not what it is who and he happens to be a great r&b singer

Where can you get Chris Brown?

No one can get Chris brown.

Is true Chris Brown died?

No, Chris Brown did not die. Chris Brown is still alive.

Who has more money Chris Brown or rihanna?

chris brown sorry rihanna

Besides singing what other great talent does Chris Brown showcase?

chris browns other talent is dancing

What the name of Chris Brown street?

chris brown or chris breezy.

What is Chris Brown brown real name?

Who is Chris Brown Brown?Christopher Maurice Brown brown

Is Chris Brown kin to shannon brown?

no, Chris brown does not have a brother