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Chris Brown is over Rihanna and Rihanna is over Chris Brown.

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Does Rihanna still have feelings for Chris Brown?

No Rihanna does not still have feelings for Chris Brown. Rihanna is now dating Matt Kemp and she has said she would love to marry him and she said she is over Chris Brown.

Did Rihanna and Chris Brown break up?

no not really after the whole chris brown beat up rihanna thing they have been seen alot with each other ..i think it was stupid for rihanna to go back with a man that hit her that's just being weak..but i still love rihanna she is a good singer ..i still like chris brown but i see him different..any man that hits a woman is a loser period..but i hope i answered your question chris brown and rihanna are still going out they didnt break up!!p.s. love ya Chris Brown

Is Rihanna still in love with chris?

Yes Rihanna is still in love with Chris.... I heard that they were living with P.diddy together

Is Chris Brown still in love with Rihanna?

yes he wants to make it up to her but she is over him

Does Chris Brown like anybody else than Rihanna?

No, just Rihanna. Chris and Rihanna might not like each other but behind the scenes they are desperately still in love.

Chris why did you beat Rihanna up you love her why did you do it?

i heard chris brown hit her because rihanna was abusive, didnt let him breathe and rihanna hit chris first.but chris brown does have a problem with his anger

Does Chris Brown want to be with Rihanna?

i think so bcoz he keep making songs for her and i still believe Rhianna still in love with him and he is still in love with her

Does Chris Brown love Rihanna?

That is over with and done. Chris Brown does not want nothing to do with her.Chris Brown is dating a model that is way better looking than Rihanna.

Does Rihannah still like Chris?

yes, Rihanna does still like Chris Brown and she admit it on Ellen...She said that she wishes that has never happend because she is in love with him.

Why Chris brown hate drake?

they both love rihanna

Is Rihanna mad that Chris Brown made a video about love with Keri Hilson?

Rihanna and Chris Brown are no longer dating, so it doesn't really matter.

Why did Chris Brown amusing Rihanna?

it is different from abusing and its because chris brown just wanted somebody to love! :)

Y did chris brown hit Rihanna?

well I dont know all of it but chris brown and rihanna got into a fight and chris just hitted her and all the kids that love chris brown chris is not bad he is sweet but u should never stop liking chris brown.

If i am 10 you think Chris Brown like me?

Sorry but no he is in love with Rihanna

Do chirs brown love still her?

Yes, rihanna has agreed to chris browns terms and is now deemed his sex slave.

Rihanna will fall back in love with Chris Brown?

If Rihanna and Chris brown ever sit down and talk about it they will feel some old chemistry and click once again.

Is Rihanna and Chris Brown are still dating after what Chris Brown done to Rihanna?

yes. Chris brown and Rhianna are still dating. according to my sources Rhianna is still madly in love with Chris brown and intends to date him and love him no matter what he does to her. plus he is now in prison for abusing Rhiannaif u don't believe me go on this site- People.com/rhiannaandchrisChris brown is not in jail.. He wont go to jail for this matter.. Per the same site this is what it reads..Chris Brown won't go to jail for assaulting Rihanna. The question now is whether his plea-bargained penalty - community labor, probation, domestic violence classes - will reform his behavior and save his career.dnt go babe chris brown i luv hym

Does Rihanna love Chris Brown?

Rhianna loves Chris because she said "i love him and i know he would not hurt me that much"

Where can you find a article about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna?

in a magazine with rihanna saying "Istill love him!" DAH

Does Chris Brown even want to marry rihanna?

---- yes because they are in love

Do Chris Brown and Rihanna still like each other?

yes i do and i dont think that they should not be together because people are going to be mad at them i would love to see chris and rihanna back together some day........................................

Will rihanna and Chris Brown go out again?

most likely not because her family hates chris brown even though they still "love" each other i think there going to stand clear of dating.

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