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yea alot of her hair is weave, she only wore her real hair when she did her video "promise".

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โˆ™ 2009-07-10 22:37:32
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Q: Does Ciara have real hair
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Is Ciara's hair real?

Yes Ciara's hair is real.

Ciara real number?

ciara i love your hair and your stay p.s text back

Is Ciara real hair long or short?


Does ciara wear weave?

yes. her real hair is fugly.

Is Ciara's real hair long?

When she first came out with the song "Goodies" that was her real hair but she cut it so now its short

What is Ciara's real name?

Ciara's real name is Ciara Princess Harris

What Is Ciara Real Name?

Ciara's Whole Name Is Ciara Princess Harris

What is Ciara's real birth name?

Ciara Princess Harris Ciara Princess Harris

Does Ciara have hair extensions?


Does ciara have weave in her hair?


What is Ciara's real full name?

Her real name is Ciara Princess Harris!!! I think she is related to T.I some way!

Ciara real name?

her real name is ciara princess harris ive never heard the middle name princess before maybe her dad thought she was a princess when she was little

What color hair does ciara have right now?

She has blue hair with luminous yellow highlights.

What is Ciara's full name?

Her real name is Ciara Princess Harris!!! I think she is related to T.I some way!

What is ciaras real name?

Ciaras real name is ciara princess harris .Thank you : )

What is ciara real cell phone number?

Yes, I ca

What kind of hair weave do ciara wear?

Lace Front Wigs I Believe..

Did Ciara really cut her hair?

yes if u look on instagram or google it

What is Katies real name from big time rush?

Ciara Bravo

What Is Katie for Big Time Rush's real name?

Ciara Bravo

Are dreadlocks real hair?

They can be. You can get your real hair twisted into dreadlocks or if you hair is too short or you want them longer then your hair you can get extensions twisted in with your real hair.

What is ciara harris real number?

Well, no one should ever look up her real phone number .

What is Princeton real hair?

princeton hair is real because when we went on an date i ask him is that real or fake and he said yes it is real do you want to fell my hair i said yeah and it is real hair

Are ciara and Beyonce friends?

I think their not like for real because they have different dreams

What is Katie in Big Time Rushs real name?

Her name is Ciara Bravo.

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