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No , because there would be no time to care for a babu when nearly every turn they are under threat :)

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Not so far. It's not likely that she will.

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Yes she does die, but she ends up like Michael was in book 1. Eventually Myrnin brings her back to life and she is human again

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Nope she doesn't

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Q: Does Claire get pregnant in morganville vampires?
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Who is the main character in The Morganville Vampires series?

Claire Danvers.

Who does Claire Danvers date in the Morganville Vampires novels?

Claire dates Shane Collins

What university does Claire Danvers attend in the Morganville Vampires?

Texas Prairie University.

What color is Claires hair in thye morganville vampires?

Claire has brown hair.

How long is Claire Danvers hair in the Morganville Vampires books?

Just pas her shoulders

Does Claire comes back to life as a human in the book the last breath in morganville vampires?


Who killed Claire Danvers in The Morganville Vampires series?

Magnus. However she is saved by the Glass House.

Who is on the cover of books 11 and 12 of the morganville vampires?

book 11 - Claire book 12 - Eve

Does Claire ever start to fall in love with Michael in The Morganville Vampires book series?

No she loves Shane.

When was The Morganville Vampires created?

The Morganville Vampires was created in 2006-10.

Does Shane ask Claire to marry him in the book 7 of Morganville Vampires?

Yes he does in the 5th/6th book and Claire says it back to him. xx

What are the last names of the morganville vampires characters?

Shane Collins, Michael Glass, Eve Rosser and Claire Danvers.