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Possibly, because it's something new to ur body, so this is how your body reacts to this. Yes it can because it's a hormone. This puts your other hormone levels off balance for awhile. I went into early menopause (38 years old because of a trauma in my life) and I got those brown spots on my face but stayed out of the sun (wore sun lotion) and wore a Baseball cap or my hippy hat while fishing and they eventually went away. I still have one slight brown mark on the lower part of my left cheek.

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Can low progesterone levels be the cause for pink spotting lasting for 2 days a week before the period is due?

Hi, Progesterone usually increases prior to a womans period and cause the period to arrive in some cases. Low progesterone may cause spotting but so does pregnancy.

Does norplant cause brown spotting?

Spotting or bleeding, brown or red, is a common side effect of the contraceptive implant.

What would cause brown spotting 3 weeks after your period?

Pregnancy can cause this spotting or irregular periods or a UTI.

What does little bleeding on the 24th day of the mentrual cycle followed by light spotting for 3 days and then regular period mean While spotting it was a combination of brown and then red blood?

This is normal. When you ovulate progesterone is released which tells the body to maintain the uterine lining in case a pregnancy will occur. The progesterone in the body lasts about two weeks. Towards the end of the two weeks the progesterone levels will decrease which in turn will cause spotting before your period, when the levels are at is lowest your menstrual period will start. When a woman gets pregnant her progesterone levels sky rocket to help maintain the pregnancy.

If you are spotting before your period could you be pregnant?

One common cause of spotting several days before a period is low progesterone. Progesterone helps to maintain the uterine lining for pregnancy, and when progesterone levels drop, the menstrual cycle occurs. Progesterone-deficient women will see spotting several days to a week before their period is due. This can affect fertility and in some cases causes miscarriage. You can discover more about spotting in recommended link above. Spotting can happen while you are pregnant, so take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor to confirm. Light spotting followed by no period is actually one of the first signs of pregnancy.

What would cause brown spotting?

Your period..............maybe or skid marks

Does progesterone cause constipation?

Yes progesterone may cause constipation.

Does the birth control implant cause prolonged brown discharge?

The birth control implant can cause irregular bleeding or spotting. The color may be red, brown, or black.

If you are 8 weeks pregnant and started brown colored spotting today is it safe to wait five days for a doctor's appointment?

You should be getting a 6 week check-up by your doctor at the start of your pregnancy. It can be common to bleed slightly while being pregnant, but it is always wise to get an appointment as soon as possible by your doctor. Any changes that are a worry to you (most are quite common during pregnancy)please see your doctor to be on the safe side. Brown spotting is usually not common with a pregnancy, but this doesn't necessary mean there is anything wrong (all women are different.) To keep your baby safe, again, please see your doctor. Brown spotting can mean a number of things...a low placenta can cause brown spotting, low progesterone can cause this too. I would contact your doctor and ask to see him ASAP, you don't want to risk anything.

Why is the cause of light brown spotting with clear discharge 3 days before period is supposed to start?

It just sounds like you are ovulating (releasing an egg). Many women get clear discharge and light brown spotting during ovulation

Can clomid cause hair loss?

Yes it possibly can.

Can stopping nuvaring cause spotting?

Yes, stopping NuvaRing can cause spotting. When you decrease the hormone level in your body, spotting will occur.

What does it mean when you bleed brown?

It is normal for vaginal bleeding to range from bright red to brown during a period, spotting, or pregnancy. Dark brown blood is generally associated with spotting or with the end of a period and is usually not a cause for concern. However, if you are worried or notice any different smells or symptoms, consult with your doctor.

Can taking progesterone cause you to have a period even if you are pregnant?

No. During pregnancy, the primary hormone produced by your body is progesterone. In order to have a period, you need a lackof progesterone.

You are 7 weeks pregnant and there was a heartbeat shown 5 days ago you started spotting brown last week off and on However today you were spotting light red What could be the cause of this?


Can a yeast infection cause spotting?

Hello. In the case of a severe yeast infection, where you are always scratching, yes this can cause spotting. But most vaginal spotting is due to pregnancy or a UTI.

What can be the cause of dark brown or deep red spotting?

you should probably go to the doctor to make sure that you are not pregnant. if you are pregnant and spotting like that you should still go see a doctor to make sure everything is fine.

Would a vaginal ultrasound at 9 weeks pregnant possibly cause one to start brown spotting the day after?

the cervix is very sensitive at this time. Any pressure on it at all could cause burst vessels and make spotting. Brown spotting is dead blood and is said to be not much concern unless it starts to become clotted and bright red. Call your doctor, have an u/s and get an internal to make sure your cervix is still closed tight.

Can an STD cause spotting?

No, not necessarily.

Can taking multiple birth control pills cause spotting?

Yes, taking multiple birth control pills can cause spotting.

What does it mean when you have light spotting 2 weeks after your normal period?

Spotting can be caused by ovulation. The hormones associated when the egg is released my cause a contraction in the uterine wall and cause mild spotting to occur.

Will adding progesterone cream cause your period to begin?


A sudden decrease in estrogen and progesterone will normally cause?


Could spotting be the cause of something else besides pregnancy?

Spotting does not cause pregnancy. I assume you mean "does spotting indicate anything other than pregnancy?" The answer to this is, of course, yes. Spotting could indicate spotting. It's probably you period being finicky, or something along those lines.

Can passing hard stools cause a period?

At the time of a woman's menstrual periods, estrogen and progesterone levels are high and may cause constipation. High levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy also can cause constipation.