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Does Connecticut have domestic partner insurance?

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Yes. There are insurance companies that offer policies with domestic partner coverage in Connecticut. (Please see related question below for the names of the companies.)

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A domestic partner is treated as a dependent family member for the purposes of insurance, providing the policy in question offers domestic partner coverage and the individuals involved meet the insurance company's criteria for domestic partner coverage.

Generally if a domestic partner is covered then the child of that partner can also be covered.

No. Some insurance companies offer domestic partner coverage in Florida and you are free to purchase such a policy. If your employer wants to buy coverage for you and your domestic partner, then it can. The state of Florida will not stop you. It may impose income tax on the value of the domestic partner coverage as "imputed income."

AetnaAmeritasAnthemCIGNAGreat West LifeNew York Life and Health

Probably not. New York City, for example, still maintains its domestic partnership registry. Most large employers have not eliminated their domestic partner benefits and insurance companies continue to sell domestic partner coverage.

There are many insurance companies that cover domestic partners.

All US states allow insurance companies to sell and provide domestic partner coverage.

Yes, they do, but the employer group must have elected for domestic partner coverage.

Not unless you are driving other vehicles. If the only vehicle you drive is your domestic partner's, and your domestic partner has placed you on their policy, then you are fine.

It's best just to send them an Email, or ring them up about the situation! I would think that the would provide insurance for a domestic partner however It's best to just make sure this is certain!

This is determined by the employer who is paying the premiums for coverage. If there is a local domestic partnership registry available, then the requirement is usually a certificate of registration of domestic partnership. Otherwise, the requirement can be merely a notarized affidavit of domestic partnership in a format prescribed by the employer. Assuming the policy that has been purchased by the employer offers domestic partner coverage, then the insurance company will provide coverage to anyone that the employer says is the worker's domestic partner. The insurance company will then charge the employer more for that worker's coverage.

This is up to the employer. I personally belonged to the UAW, had insurance and my domestic partner was covered. However, this depends upon what agreement your specific employer has with the UAW local you belong to. Of course, if you mean that you are an employee of the UAW, then that is a different question.

As long as the person qualifies medically and your partner consents to having the policy written there should be no problem in obtaining a policy.

Yes, John Deere offers health insurance, including dental and vision, for domestic partners.

Such policies exist and are available for purchase in Tennessee. Whether your employer will be willing to pay for extending coverage to your domestic partner is another question. Under Tennessee law, neither the state government, nor any city, town or county in Tennessee is allowed to provide domestic partner benefits to its employees.

Your domestic partner can be either:The party with whom you have registered a domestic partnership in the jurisdiction in which you live or work;The party with whom you have signed an affidavit of domestic partnership submitted to your employer for the purpose of receiving domestic partner benefits;The party with whom you have signed a domestic partnership agreement; or,The person with whom you live and you call your domestic partner.

Check with your state Dept of Insurance. They are the ones that generally regulate domestic partner laws.

There would only be imputed income if your employer provided life insurance for your domestic partner. I don't mean that your partner would be the beneficiary - - I mean that your partner would be the insured party. If that happened, then the cost of the premium would be counted as imputed income for purposes of federal income tax and for some state taxes as well, unless your domestic partner were your dependent. If you were legally married heterosexuals, then there would be no imputed income except on the value of policies which exceed about $50,000.

Yes, IBM offers domestic partner benefits.

Not per se. Some states require that insurance companies offer policies with domestic partner coverage. In every state, there are at least a few companies that offer such policies. Domestic partners may purchase such policies out of pocket if they wish. However, in many cases, it is the employer who decides whether to offer domestic partner coverage to employees or not. The employer also sets the criteria for what is considered a domestic partner, but the employer must apply those criteria fairly and consistently. In many states, the criteria cannot exclude couples because of their sexual orientation or gender. The insurance company has little say in who can considered a domestic partner and, unless fraud is suspected, must accept the representation made by whoever is paying for the policy.

This term is used to identify the value of the medical insurance extended by your employer to your domestic partner. On the federal level and in several states, such extra coverage is considered taxable income and must be reported separately.

Yes, if one of the domestic partners works for the state or for an employee who has voluntarily opted to provide domestic partner coverage. Keep in mind that no new domestic partnerships may be formed in New Jersey after February 19, 2007, since Civil Unions are now legal.

A health insurance plan is designed based on what the employer wants. So if a plan says that domestic partners are covered then the employer group is the one that put that wording in the policy. So if an employer wont cover a domestic partner then domestic partners aren't covered company wide.

Yes. They can get it from an employer, if the employer voluntarily offers domestic partner benefits.

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