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Does Corbin Bleu like Vanessa Hudgens?


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Private Answer.corbin bleu likes VANESSA HUDGENS

Vanessa Hudgens don't like Corbin Bleu..They are just friendz.She said:Corbin is like my brother,I love him like that,not anymore...:)Vanessa Hudgens dating with Zac Efron right now..

Corbin Bleu doesn't like Miley Cyrus. He like Monique Colman.

Stella hudgens is vanessa hudgens sister she looks abitt like vanessa

you start acting when your a baby to be that famous Or get an agent to help you get roles in those kinds of shows. And if you're lucky, you can make it just like them. You don't need to be a baby and act to be a star, if you start now, and have the will in you to make can.

Ryan sheckler has stated that he has a crush on vanessa hudgens.

corbin bleu loves white girls because he wants his kids to be like him,having a black dad and a white mom.

He likes her as a friend.

vanessa hudgens dosent like to talk about her personal life...

yes...cause they are sisters

Yes i actually do look like vanessa hudgens she is famous and she sings well she is lucky to have Zac Efron :)

NO. She is dating someone else.

he was cool but that was in like 2006-07 and that was when HSM was the in

Chris Brown did say he had a crush on Vanessa Hudgens, because she's 'hot'.

well they are sisters so ofcoarse!!

do vanessa and zac have sex do vanessa and zac have sex

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are no longer in a relationship. From this, it can be deduced that they both have moved on.

Exactly! They are sisters and great BFFs toooooooo!

She is dating Frankie Chisholm at the moment

gabriella/vanessa hudgens

Failure to Read Response

corbin bleu at one time did like ke ke palmer but he said it was a big gap in between their age so their just friends and i believe ke ke palmer goes with somebody and corbin is single for now

Does Zack Efron like Ashley or Vanessa Hudgans?

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