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Does Daniel Radcliffe actually read all of his fan mail?

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Yes, Daniel reads all of his fan mail..

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What sport dose Daniel Radcliffe like?

Daniel Radcliffe likes football I read it on a website about Daniel Radcliffe

Has Daniel Radcliffe read any of the Harry Potter books?

yes he read the books.

Who answers Daniel Radcliffe's fan mail?

Daniel do read his fanmail, but he doesn't answer every mail he gets. Actually he's getting around 500 letters a day, and take one hour to read the most of them.

What does Daniel Radcliffe likes to do in his free time?

he sleeps .....or else read books

Does Daniel Radcliffe read all of his fan mail?

yea I think he doesYes, He enjoys reading the letters his fans write to him. And reads for an hour a day on his breaks from filming. yea he does

How many girlfriends has Daniel Radcliffe had?

Well I read about five (5) different names.

Has Daniel Radcliffe read the Harry Potter books?

Yes all the main actors have.

Can you talk to Daniel Radcliffe?

It is very hard to do so-you cannot phone him, and he gets an awful lot of fan mail, so the only way to have a chance of him readinga letter is to make it stand out so that he will want to read it. Correct Answer: Daniel reads every piece of fan mail he receives. One hour a day, on his breaks from filming. He appreciates every letter that he gets.

Is Daniel Radcliffe was a widower with a four-year-old son?

You need to read your question out loud to yourself then rewrite it.

Did Daniel Radcliffe love the Harry Potter books before he was chosen to play the role?

Daniel Radcliffe [Harry Potter] did enjoy the books. I don't think he'd try out for the film if he didn't like the books. However, Tom Felton [Draco Malfoy] had never read the books. He lied about it in first auditions though.

When you send fan mail to famous people do they actually read it?

yes they do, believe me, they mat not reply but i promise you they read them...

What are 11 lucky things that can happen to you?

1. Win the lottery 2. Find Your true love 3. Meet a famous person(Daniel Radcliffe) 11. Read this: vcanvuvreadvthevfollowingvwordvthatvivamvfixingvtovtypevjabberwocky

When was Daniel Read born?

Daniel Read was born in 1757.

Does Charlie Sheen read his fan mail?

Not many celebrities actually 'read' their fan mail, they either hire firms/individuals to do it for them, or it just goes straight to landfill/recycling plants.

Do the WWE wrestlers actually read fan mail?

i know Matt and Jeff Hardy read and sometimes reply to fanmail. Most do when they have time

Do 'stars' actually read fan mail?

I dont know probably someone reads it for them.

Why you cannot read anyone of your mail?

i cannot read any one of my mail in yahoo e-mail

Where can you talk to the Jonas Brothers?

You can send them an e-mail at its their fan mail. they claim that they actually read a lot when they can. and that they reply to them. but they are super busy.... so it might take a while for them to read it and reply to you... BUT GIVE IT A TRY! :] i did!

How you can wish Daniel Radcliffe on his 19th birthday?

hello,daneil redcliff ,how are you and happy birth day to you my name is mohdtariq ansari Daniel does not come on here, but you can send him a card, to the address below: Daniel Radcliffe c/o Leavesden Studios PO Box 3000 Leavesden Watford Herfordshire WD25 7LT UK HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! DANIEL RADCLIFFE. Wish you many returns of the day!! I hope you're enjoying your birthday!!!! With Love, Wishes and Hugs, Your faithful fan, Muqaddasa Wahid. Send him a card or a letter he'll absoluetely love post it to: Daniel Radcliffe C/o ARG Talent 4 Great Portland Street London WIW 8PA England U.K. or to: Daniel Radcliffe C/o Harry Potter Productions Leavesden Studios P.O Box 3000 Leavesden Hertfordshire WD 25 7LT England U.K. Don't worry send him. go on try your best!! Good Luck! if you want more write to me in my bio page whiteboard I'll come and read it. go on take a shot!!!!

Do the members of Avenged Sevenfold read their fan mail?

Yes, if you send your mail to their fan mail address in California. They actually have a book of the letters they received after the death of their beloved drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Suliivan.

When did Daniel Read - academic - die?

Daniel Read - academic - died in 1878.

When was Daniel Read - academic - born?

Daniel Read - academic - was born in 1805.

When was Daniel Read Anthony born?

Daniel Read Anthony was born on 1824-08-22.

Does Daniel Radcliffe ever personally reply to his fan mail?

He used to, many years ago, when you would send him a gift for his Birthday or Christmas. He would always write and thank you personally for it. However, he has since stopped doing that, as he hasn't any time to personally reply to fan mail. However, he does "Read" the mail that he receives. An hour a day, during his break from filming. But please know that he does appreciate every letter/gift that he receives. He just prefers that you donate to Demelza House in lieu of sending him presents.

Does Tyler Perry read his own mail?

He read some of his own mail but not all.