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Does Dave batista uses drugs?

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Rumor has it he does. He isn't supposed to but he doesn't care. I don't think he does,probably not

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Does Dave Batista use drugs?

no Dave batista does not do drugs hes never tried t and he knows what it does he a good man and he knows not to do drugs ever and we have asked him if he has had drugs he said hes never and that's a good man a man who doesnt do or did drugs good job batista

Did Dave Batista die?

No, Dave Batista did not die.

What is dave batista?

Dave Batista is a former WWE Wrestler...

Wwe Dave batista?

this isn't a question and batista is called Dave

Does Dave batista have kids?

Dave Batista does have kids. Two girls

Is Dave Batista alive?

Yes, Dave Batista is still alive.

Are Dave Batista and Angie back together?

Dave Batista is NOT back with Angie , Dave is single.

Is Dave batista Cuban?

No Dave batista is not Cuban, he is born Washington D.C

How much Dave Batista weigh?

Dave Batista weighs 290 pounds

Is Dave Batista Married to Layla?

Absolutely not! Dave Batista is currently single.

Where does Dave batista live?

Dave Batista lives in Tampa,Florida. You can check on

Did Dave batista wrestle in high school?

Dave Batista did wrestle in high schoool

Does WWE Superstar Dave Batista Have a Daughter?

Yes Dave Batista does have a daughter he has two

Does Dave batista date black women?

Dave batista kiss Michelle mccool

When did Dave Batista make his debut to wrestling?

Dave Batista made his debut in 1997

Does WWE Dave batista have a favorite color?

Dave Batista favorite color is red

How Dave batista become dead?

batista is not dead

Is Selina nava batista related to Dave batista?


What is Dave batista's facebook?

Dave batista

Did Dave Batista used to be a bodybuilder?

yes batista was a bodybuilder

If it is Dave Batista bisexual?

batista is married to cheyenne he is not bisexual

How old is Batista last name?

his name Dave Batista

Is Dave batista Haitian?


Is Dave batista is died?


Is Dave Batista still married?

Dave Batista is divorced now, he has 2 or 3 kids and the kids are girls.